Number Tracing Free Printable!!

Number Tracing Free Printable!!
Number Tracing Free Printable!!

I have a little surprise for you… yes the numbers I’m giving you now (still totally free by the way) is very cool, I know, I know but also…. I am going to start bombarding you with a whole new alphabet. Woop woop the English alphabet is coming up yay! Did you think I was going to leave you out? Nooooo!

Afrikaans people don’t worry, there’s still plenty to come, I’m just helping out the English people real quick as well. Yes I know the Afrikaans one took me a year but you’ll be happy to hear that everyhting is mostly ready as I only had to draw a few new images and now only have to change the wording to English so it should be ready in no time. Really, maybe just a few weeks. Or at least before Christmas.

You know how it goes.

Herewith some number tracing!



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