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Don’t kill spiders!

Don’t kill spiders!
Don’t kill spiders!

My love for spiders started one day when I went bug hunting with my kids. In one day we found two baboon spiders and a very small gecko by just looking… Amazing how nature comes alive when you actually look.

It was the most amazing thing to inspect the small male and female baboon spiders (Harpactira sp. ‘Robertson’) and since my father did the same for me as a child, of course I just had to catch the third one we saw in the house to look at it closely and release back into the garden. It made me think of how my grandma used to kill every spider in sight with Doom…

Why do people kill spiders? They are a valuable part of the eco system and they are quite effective in eradicating insects. We’ll I’m sure most people mainly kill them because they are afraid that they can be dangerous and possibly deadly.

Well I found this exert from How stuff works – Home & Garden

“Most spiders don’t harm humans. In fact, they help us.

Dr. Linda S. Rayor, Assistant Professor of Entomology, Cornell University

Spiders are beneficial inhabitants of any garden, ecosystem, or home because of their important contributions to biological control of pest insects. Spiders are considered to be the most important terrestrial predators, eating tons of pest insects or other small arthropods every year. Spiders are generalist predators that are willing to eat almost any insect they can catch. They are abundant and found in most habitats. They only need to be left alone!

Spiders are voracious hunters and will reduce the amount of pests in your garden. However, spiders will also go after bees and other favorable insects. Spiders aren’t aggressive like mantises, so importing the arachnids to your garden isn’t going to quash an aphid outbreak. However, their very presence will reduce garden pests. (And no chemicals!)

Like the good Doc says, all you have to do is leave them alone.”


The Spider Club of Southern Africa has a great free printable booklet that will enlighten you on how many actual deadly spiders we have in South Africa. Download the booklet HERE  and next time you see a scary looking creature…. know that he’s most probably harmless and more afraid of you than you are of him.

Just leave him alone and you should be fine and if you absolutely have to, rather transfer him to the garden by catch and release with a glass and a piece of cardboard, You’ll come to notice its actually not that scary!

Natural Recipes for your home products: Update

Natural Recipes for your home products: Update
Natural Recipes for your home products: Update

Many Mommies turn over to natural products and I get a lot of requests to share what I use. I love making my own because I know exactly whats in it and it makes me feel like a “real” Home maker! My biggest purchases is always Bicarbonate of Soda (Baking Soda), Epson Salts and Vinegar. You won’t believe what you can do with those three ingredients… a paste of Bicarb and Vinegar cleans like no other cleaning product can. I buy it by the kilos and litres so it makes household products very affordable. Here are a few of my tried and tested products:

1. Baby wipes

Many mommies use cloth and I still believe its the way to go but for handy disposables when you go out I buy Mother Nature’s bio degradable and flushable nappy liners (R75 for 100) and cut it in half. I then roll the cut liners (about 1/4 of the whole pack at a time) into a roll and stick it into a re-usable wipes container and pour the following solution over it:

2 cups warm water
1-2 tablespoons baby wash
2 tablespoons olive oil or mineral oil
1 tablespoons bicarbonate of soda
2-5 drops Tea Tree essential oil
2-5 drops Lavender or Lemon grass essential oil (optional)

2. Roll on

I just love this roll on and really wish it didn’t melt in summer! Some people store it in their fridge once the weather gets warmer but I prefer to buy natural roll-on in summer. Initially the ingredients is a little costly but once you have it, it lasts for very long and you have multiple uses for every ingredient so you save a lot of money in the long run.
This Recipe lasts me all summer:
Place 3T Virgin Coconut Oil, 2T pure Shea butter in a small metal cup over a bowl of hot water.
When oils are melted, add 3T bicarbonate of Soda and 2T arrow root, 5 drops each of lavender, tea tree and lemongrass essential oils into the oil mix. Stir well to combine.
Pour oil mixture into an empty deodorant stick container and allow to cool. Just make sure you cover the base well with something like a cut up lid of an ice cream container or something so it won’t leak. I used a Dove roll on container and mine did not leak but my container can also just be filled half way… Im sure most of them use this trick though.  If you dont like the consistency once it sets, you can easily melt it again and play around with different proportions of oils for firmer consistency. Whatever is left over I pour into silicone mini muffin cups and just add the desired amount to my re-used deodorant container every month. I usually use 2 mini muffin moulded sticks to fill up and I usually get about 3 deodorant sticks out of it. It sounds complicated but once you get the hang of it, its really very convenient.

3. Dishwasher Pods

I calculated the difference in price of store bought dishwasher pods :

Dishwasher pods X (store bought):
1,66 kg Pods X= 84 pods
= R130
= R78,30 p/kg
Home Made:
4kg Bicarb = R44,24
1kg Epson salts = R6,60
4,5 kg = R50,84
= R11,29 p/kg (calculated without electricity but should be around R5 extra)
1,66kg Pods X = R130
1,5 kg Home made = R 16,90
Mix 1,5kg washing soda (You can buy Soda ash in pool sections or see my recipe below) with 2kg Bicarb and 1kg Epson Salts. You may want to divide that beforehand into two bowls to be able to mix it if you don’t have one very large bowl.
Store in a bucket until needed.
From this take 2 cups and add enough lemon juice to make it sticky and clumping. Fill ice cube trays and push down with gloves or cover with cling wrap because it is very drying on your hands. Leave in the sun for a day or two to dry out. It is ready when you can pop it out of the tray without it breaking. You can use the powder as it is as well. Can add citric acid as well. Use salt as normal and Vinegar as rinsing aid.
This recipe uses 2 cups powder = +- 18 pods
4,5kg powder in bulk prepared = 17 batches
= 306 pods in total out of this batch

4. Washing soda recipe:

For 1,5 kg washig soda. Spread 2kg bicarb in a thin layer over baking trays. Bake at 200 degrees celcius for 1h-1h30. Bicarb is fluffy and shiny. When it is ready, the washing soda is dull and grainy.

5. Washing Powder and Softener

Use recipe for Dishwasher Pods above but leave it in powder form without adding lemon juice. For softener I use half a cup of Vinegar in a large load and add 10 drops of essential oil for a bit of fragrance. Its not as soft and doesn’t smell as good as store bought conventional softener but it does the trick and I am willing to sacrifice as much for the environment. There are natural softeners available but I found them quite expensive.

6. Fizzballs

In a large bowl:
2 cups Bicarb
1 cup Epson Salts
1 cup Citric Acid
In another bowl or small jug:
90 drops (3 teaspoons essential oil)
3 Tablespoons olive oil
2 Tablespoons water
Slowly Whisk the wet ingredients into the dry mix. If it starts to fizz, add dry ingredient to stop fizzing. Start adding some food coloring. Final consistency should be like slightly damp sand and squish in hands without crumbling.
Stack and pack silicone moulds with the damp sandy mixture, or roll your own balls. Press out and wrap them in rows in paper towel to collect excess water otherwise they will fizz out. If they still swell out and look too disfigured you can always make them in balls at this stage… At least they will all be the same size.
Put them in an airtight container with a paper towel inside in the shade for a few days to dry out.

7. No more tangles spray

Just add one to two tablespoons of your natural conditioner to an empty used spray bottle and top up with warm water. Remember boiled water melts plastic bottles and leave enough space to shake. Start at the bottom when combing hair and spray on sections before combing through. If the hair seems oily or sticky you used too much for your particular conditioner… Just throw some out and top up with water again.

That it for now… keep in touch for more updates!

Guest Post: “Caffeine and Fairydust”, on Animal testing!

Guest Post: “Caffeine and Fairydust”, on Animal testing!
Guest Post: “Caffeine and Fairydust”, on Animal testing!


I recently came across this awesome Blogger Mama called Maz thats not only a Fashion Designer but also loves cooking, reading and traveling, writing about parenting, beauty, pregnancy, health and her favorite products AND she has some pretty awesome tattoos!  What got my attention about her was that not only is she absolutely BEAUTIFUL on the outside, but she also has a real, pure heart and wrote this wonderful conclusive article on animal testing. I was so excited to find another blogging South African Mom that also tries to stay away from household chemicals and also publicly disapproves of animal testing.

I’ve touched on this subject before and have been wanting to write more about it but when I saw her article I just had to ask her permission to have it as a guest post on “Mother in the Making… Naturally” because it is so rich in extensive research and says it all just as it is!

Please follow her blog at and also like her Facebook Page Herewith the much anticipated article… enjoy!



The next time you are applying your make-up or washing your baby’s hair, take a moment to consider whether or not you can do so with a clear conscience. I have never understood the need for companies to test on animals, and I never will. I think it takes a very evil kind of person to subject these little creatures to the kind of pain and torture they endure. I know that we are all busy, and change is not always easy, but are you comfortable with the fact that the animals being used in these tests suffer and ultimately die, all in order to ensure that we can improve our appearances? Are humans morally more important than all animals? Is there a sliding scale with humans at the top and the simplest animals at the bottom? Or are humans and animals morally equal?

“Right now, millions of mice, rats, rabbits, primates, cats, dogs, and other animals are locked inside cold, barren cages in laboratories across the country. They languish in pain, ache with loneliness, and long to roam free and use their minds. Instead, all they can do is sit and wait in fear of the next terrifying and painful procedure that will be performed on them.” – PETA

I have done extensive research over the past couple of weeks in order to provide everyone reading this article with the correct information, and to compile a list of companies that do and companies that do not test on animals. My list focuses on beauty brands, baby and kids brands and household products.


What animal testing involves:

Toxicity tests to estimate the safety of products and chemicals were developed in the early 20th century. These include experiments that subjectively measure the irritation of chemicals in the eyes or on the skin of rabbits for example, and determine toxicity by the dosage of a chemical that kills half of the animals forced to consume, breathe or be injected with said chemical. These primitive testing methods, including the infamous Draize and LD50 tests, are, regrettably, still in use today.

The animals in the labs obviously go through unspeakable things and are subjected to excruciating pain. Every year more animals than you could imagine are tested on for cosmetic purposes. They are blinded, burned, mutilated and killed so we can wear a shade of lipstick or colour our hair. Inhumane and mindless cruelty taking place for the sake of ‘science’. I am not going to post pictures here of the things that these poor animals are subjected to, but if you are interested in this Google it. I dare you.

As animal lovers, it is our responsibility to steer clear of all products tested on animals… South Africa is slowly starting to come to the party in terms of cruelty free products. Even if the tests are not painful there are many factors other than the experiment itself that can have an effect, including conditions during breeding, transport, housing, handling and restraint.

Animal testing may take place in various stages of the manufacturing process, whether on the finished product or on the individual ingredients involved. This makes it very difficult to compile a 100% accurate list of brands as some products may not be tested on animals, but the ingredients might.

Animal Testing is used to assess the safety and effectiveness of everything from medication and household products to cosmetics.

 Why I Believe It Should Stop:

The cost to the animals does not justify the research, vanity is not worth innocent lives.

I am not a scientist, but surely animal testing has become redundant in this day and age? There are many other methods of testing available to cosmetic companies, methods that are actually more accurate than animal testing. As of March 2013, the EU banned animal testing completely  – why can we not follow in their footsteps?

What are the alternatives?

It seems the logical choice to move away from animal testing, not only because of the damage being done to animals, but because we can’t always be sure that the test results produced are even valid. Humans are so genetically dissimilar to the animals used in testing that it makes the process almost pointless.

Options to consider instead of testing on animals include computer modelling, avoiding ingredients that have not been proved safe, and using human volunteers or clinical trials. Science has greatly advanced since the development of the animal tests that are still in use today. Cell culture, molecular and computation methods (in silico methods) are now well-developed scientific tools. In vitro methods based on human cells and tissues are now being developed and evaluated for assessing toxicity. Toxicity testing, however, has not had the urgency and support of government funding programs that disease-based research has enjoyed. The best tests for human toxicity would be conducted using humans, which apparently is unethical.

What YOU Can Do To Make Make A Difference:

  1. Stop buying from companies that test on animals. If you do not support or fund them hey will have no choice but to change their methods or shut down
  1. Raise your children to be aware of Animal Cruelty Free products, teach them to respect all animals – big or small.
  1. Other avenues are being explored, but in the meantime, PLEASE print out this petition sheet, and have it filled. The SA government does not accept on-line petitions. You can post your completed sheet to: BWCSA, P.O Box 1156, Milnerton, 7435
  1. You can also donate to these organizations to aid in the fight against animal cruelty:
  • Leaping Bunny
  • Beauty Without Cruelty

 GOOD: Companies That Do Not Test On Animals:

I have compiled a list of some of my favourite companies/products that are not tested on animals and broke them up into Beauty, Baby/Kids and Household. For the link to the full list, as well as where I got my information from, please see the end of the article. Many of these companies have only recently been certified with Beauty Without Cruelty and other organizations, so you won’t always see the bunny on the packaging.

(Click on the company’s name to be directed to their website.)

  • Beauty

Harmless House – Online store selling cruelty free brands! Very convenient.

Rain Africa –An amazing South African brand with a wide variety of artisan soaps, luxury bath products, hand & body lotion, body butter, body polish, hand salves, heel balms, body scrubs, insect balms, lip balms, sleep balm, sun burn salve, shampoo and conditioners, hair masks, body and massage oils, foot scrubs, foot soaks, facial moisturizers, belly balm and essential oils.

Hey Gorgeous – Amazing and unique South African range of body polishers, moisture drenching creams, serums, moisturizers, soothing balms and skin masks.

Woolworths Private Label – Bath and body, skincare and stunning cosmetics range.

Beauty Factory – this company is Vegan friendly and offers an extensive range of bath and body products, as well as cosmetics, fragrances and skincare for men and women. They also offer a great price range.

Pure Beginnings – An amazing South African range of organic and ecologically friendly deodorant, toothpaste, shaving cream, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion and insect repellant.

Oh Lief Body Range – A gorgeous South African range consisting of body wax, hand wax, heel balm, lip balm, body lotion, hand wash, hand lotion, body wash and body oil.

Innoxa – Amazing variety of cosmetics, skincare, fragrances, tissue oils and toiletries. They also have a great price range

Charlotte Rhys – Luxury bath products and body care. They also stock a very unique men’s range.

Miöja – beautifully packaged range of repair creams, cleansers, body creams, renewal oils, face masks and lip treatments.

Vanda – A lovely range with a wide variety of skincare products, toiletries, body care, cosmetics, fragrances and health products for both men and women

Oh So Heavenly – Exclusive to Clicks. This is a great budget friendly brand with a lovely range of body washes, body lotions, body butters, body scrubs, fragrances, facial skin care, foam baths, foot care, hand lotions and washes, soap and talc powders.

Esse – Organic Skincare range.

Catrice Cosmetics – This is great budget cosmetics brand that is available at Dischem.

LA Girl – Great budget cosmetics range available at Dischem.

NYX Cosmetics – cosmetics range available at Clicks.

Essence Cosmetics – The range features great budget products, available at Clicks and Dischem. Cosmetics, skin care, nail polish and fragrances.

Inglot – Stunning range of cosmetics available at Edgars.

Like Silk – An affordable, basic skincare range which has always had a strong association to Beauty without Cruelty.

African Organics – Shampoos and conditioners, hair treatment oils, hand lotions, clay wash, body wash and shower gels.

The Victorian Garden – Bath and body, skincare, hair care and fragrances.

Earthsap – Shampoos and conditioners, hand wash, face wash and toner, body wash, toothpaste, deodorant, insect repellant, shaving cream, aftershave balm, foot powder, body scrubs and body lotions for men and women.

Eucerin – (all Beiersdorf products are completely cruelty free) Eczema relief body cream and instant therapy relief, skin calming itch relief lotion, body wash, hand cream, foot cream, skin care, lip balm, shampoo and conditioner.

Hannon – amazing hair care range as well as cosmetics and skin care.

Lee Stafford – Professional haircare available at Clicks.

Ju mè – body washes, body lotions and healing balms.

Satiskin – This comprehensive range consists of a bubble bath, hand wash, hand crèmes and a shower gel range.

Good Stuff – A wide variety of skin care, body care, hair care and natural hair dyes.

Fleur de Vie – Skin care, an extensive range of cosmetics, body products as well as beauty tools

Aloe Ferox – Anti-aging skin care, body lotion, Aloe gel, aftershave gel, facial wash, tissue oil, shampoo and body wash

  • Baby and Kids

Harmless House – Online store selling cruelty free brands! Very convenient..

Bennetts Baby Products – Bum cremè, baby wipes, aqueous cream, aqueous bath drops, saline nose drops, soap, sunblock, nipple cream and mosquito repellant.

Rain Baby – body and hair wash, bum balm, aqueous cream, Cornstarch Talc, baby lotion, insect balm, soap

Pure Beginnings Organic Baby Range – Bum cream, baby lotion, baby wash and shampoo, baby wipes, toothpaste, aqueous cream, teething gel, insect repellant and gift sets.

Pure Beginnings Organic Kids Range – Bubble bath, toothpaste, body wash, hand wash and insect repellant.

Soul Naturals – baby massage oil and baby bum balm.

Oh Lief – A gorgeous South African range consisting of baby wax, insect balm, aqueous cream and baby shampoo.

Beauty Factory Kids – Foam baths, hair and body wash, body lotion, and body cream. I find their prices very affordable and this company is Vegan friendly as well.

Oh So Heavenly for Baby – Exclusive to Clicks. This is a great budget friendly brand that currently has two ranges for baby – Original Baby and Sweet Dreams. These ranges contain shampoo, bath wash, bubble bath, massage and bath oil, aqueous cream, body lotion, skin freshener and one of my favourites – bedtime room mist.

Oh So Heavenly for Kids – Exclusive to Clicks. This is a great budget friendly brand that hosts the Pretty Princess Range for kids. The range consists out of mild bubble bath and wand (yes… a fairy wand!), body wash, shimmer lotion, shampoo and conditioner and hair detangling spray.

Eucerin – (all Beiersdorf products are completely cruelty free) Baby Eczema relief therapy cream, Eczema relief body wash and healing ointment.

Aloe Ferox – baby oil, baby shampoo, Aloe gel, baby balm and baby bottom cream.

The Victorian Garden Baby Range – Foaming baby bath oil, cleansing cream, body wash, shampoo, baby massage oil, body lotion, baby powder and nappy cream.

  • Household

Harmless House – Online store selling cruelty free brands! Very convenient.

Rain Africa – Home fragrances

Woolworths Earth Friendly – household cleaning products

Pick ‘n Pay Green Range – household cleaners

Better Earth – Laundry gel and fabric conditioner, bathroom and toilet cleaner, automatic dishwasher gel, air freshener, cleaning spray, floor cleaner, wooden floor cleane and dishwashing liquid.

Earthsap – A great budget friendly range. Kitchen cleaner, drain maintenance cleaner, window and surface cleaner, household sanitizer, bathroom cleaner, upholstery cleaner, air freshener, all purpose cleaner, dishwasher gel, machine and hand wash laundry powder, machine and hand wash laundry liquid, fabric softener, dishwashing liquid and toilet bowl cleaner.

The Victorian Garden – Home fragrances and linen sprays

Ju mè – room sprays and candles

BAD: Companies that DO test on animals:

Some of these companies refuse to reveal their animal testing policies. These companies should not be considered cruelty-free until they make a clear statement on animal testing. Many of these companies are blatantly lying to their customers through their sales reps and websites regarding their animal testing policies – skin and eye irritation tests must be conducted on animals in order for cosmetic products to be sold in China, which are paid for by manufacturers.

Revlon – They have been paying for tests on animals in order to sell their products in China—and they did not inform PETA or consumers that their policies had changed.

Elizabeth Arden

Puig Fragrance House – Includes designer fragrances such as Prada, Valentino, Nina Ricci, Carolina Herrera, Paco Rabanne, Antonio Banderas and Shakira.

Bobbi Brown – On Bobbi Brown’s website list of FAQs, the very first question is “does your company test on animals?” The answer? A firm “no”. “Bobbi Brown is committed to the elimination of animal testing.” Except that this is followed by: “We do not conduct animal testing on our products or ingredients, nor ask others to test on our behalf, except when required by law.” In other words, in order for them to continue marketing their cosmetics line in China, they have to test on animals.

Avon – their reps and websites will tell you otherwise, but after extensive investigating by PETA it has come to light that Avon has been paying for tests on animals in order to sell their products in China—and they did not inform PETA or consumers that their policies had changed.

Colgate-Palmolive – Colgate, Sta-soft, Palmolive and Speed Stick.

M.A.C cosmetics – They have been paying for tests on animals in order to sell their products in China—and they did not inform PETA or consumers that their policies had changed.

Coty – Adidas, Calvin Klein Fragrances, Chloè Fragrances, Beyonce Fragrances, Celine Dion Fragrances, David Beckham Fragrances, Enrique Eglesias Fragrances, ESPRIT Fragrances, Guess Fragrances, Halle Berry Fragrances, Jennifer Lopez Fragrances, Jil Sander Fragrances, Kate Moss Fragrances, Katy Perry Fragrances, Lady Gaga Fragrances, Madonna Fragrances, Roberto Cavalli Fragrances, Vera Wang Fragrances, Balenciaga Fragrances, Marc Jacobs Fragrances, Playboy Fragrances, Rimmel, Sally Hansen and OPI.

Estee Lauder – They have been paying for tests on animals in order to sell their products in China—and they did not inform PETA or consumers that their policies had changed.

Glaxo SmithKline – which makes Aquafresh, Sensodyne, ENO, Zovirax, NiQuitin, Abreva, Scotts and Horlicks.

Johnson & Johnson – Listerine, Acuvue, Clean & Clear, Neutrogena, RoC, Johnson & Johnson Baby range (no more tears, really?) and Band-Aid.


Procter & Gamble – Dolce & Gabbana Fragrances, Dunhill Fragrances, Escada Fragrances, Hugo Boss Fragrances, Lacoste Fragrances, Gilette, Braun, Head & Shoulders, Herbal Essence, Wella, Pantene, Olay, Nice ‘n Easy, Always, Oral B, Vicks, Tampax, Duracell and Pampers.

Reckitts Benckiser – Nurofen, Clearasil, Dettol, Strepsils, BANG, Vanish, Durex, Scholl, Gaviscon, Mortein, Woolite, Veet, Harpic, Calgon, Finish, Lysol, Mucinex and Airwick.

Unilever – OLA, Sunlight, Dove, Knorr, Robertson, Vaseline, Pond’s, Handy Andy, Sunsilk, Lipton, Shield, Sunsilk, Lux, OMO, Motions, Tressemè, Organics, Rama, Skip, Domestos, Joko Tea, Radox, Dawn, Rajah, Fissan, Comfort, AXE, Stork, Lifebuoy, Knorrox, Brut, Surf, Glen Tea, Vim, Pepsodent, Flora, Impulse and Closeup.


REDKEN (L’Oreal) 



The Body Shop – There has been some confusion regarding The Body Shop, and whether they test on animals. The Body Shop has always been very vocal in their anti-testing stance, and many consumers continue to buy their products due to the perceived animal friendliness of the brand. However, it was acquired by L’Oreal in 2006.

L’Oreal is notorious for its extensive animal testing over the years, and outcry followed. Many protesters demanded a boycott of The Body Shop, not because it was testing, but because any money spent on its products is going to a parent company that does test.

More information:

Leaping Bunny Program

Paul Mitchell, Badger Balm and Dermalogica products, while not tested by BWC, have been approved by the Leaping Bunny Programwhich means that they adhere to international cruelty-free standards. However, they may contain ingredients that are required by law to be tested on animals after a specified cut-off date and are therefore not approved by BWC.

About Beauty Without Cruelty / Beauty Without Cruelty SA
Beauty Without Cruelty is an animal rights organization with a primary objective to educate and inform the public about the exploitation, abuse and suffering of animals and to offer humane non-animal alternatives to replace cruel and harmful lifestyle choices. Through peaceful and lawful means, we expose and oppose all cruelty to animals and will lobby national, provincial and local government in this regard.
Beauty Without Cruelty’s action plan:
Beauty Without Cruelty runs a progressive educational program, aimed at informing people about the suffering of animals and has initiated a number of campaigns, which focus on exposing animal abuse, specifically in the areas of vivisection/cosmetic testing, the exploitation of wildlife and in factory farming. Methods used to draw the public’s attention to these issues also include legal intervention, protests, lobbying central, regional and local government and other peaceful means.

For a full list of products – worldwide – that ARE and ARE NOT tested on animals, take a look at PETA’s website / click here. A more South African focused list of companies not testing on animals can be found on BWCSA’s (Beauty Without Cruelty South Africa) website / click here.

It may not always be easy to find products that haven’t been tested on animals, but only you can decide if you’re comfortable with sacrificing an animal’s wellbeing for your own beauty. The important thing is to make an informed decision. If you want to find out about a company or have any questions, contact me or comment here and I’ll find out what their testing status is.

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*Please note, this post is NOT sponsored by anyone – If any of the products listed are not Cruelty Free and have been listed in error, please contact me and we will remove them or motivate my reasoning* Information obtained from PETA, Beauty Without Cruelty, Beauty Without Cruelty South Africa, Leaping Bunny Program, Vida Compassion, Nuffield Bioethics,

It makes your life easier???

It makes your life easier???
It makes your life easier???

I am starting this blog with a sigh of a heavy heart. Too long have I tried not to step on toes, not to make people feel bad and not to focus attention to my differences to the norm. Am I just trying to be different… no unfortunately not- it would make life much easier for me. In fact I wish the world was without norm.. why cant people just be different and respect each others Read the rest of this entry