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Fun With Practica for 2-3 year olds #2

Fun With Practica for 2-3 year olds #2
Fun With Practica for 2-3 year olds #2

This is the second post in the series “Fun with Practica for 2-3 year olds. In the first post we focused on balance, counting and working with color. This post we will focus on Spacial Relations, Visual Conceptualising, Color Perception, Manual Dexterity, Eye-hand Coordination, Visual Figure-ground Distinction, Sequence of Events, Memory, Logical Reasoning, General Insight, Spacial orientation and Listening skills… all of this in just 4 simple exercises! Here we go…


1. Pegboard: Develop Spacial Relations, Visual Conceptualising, Color Perception, Manual Dexterity, Eye-hand Coordination, Visual Figure-ground Distinction, Sequence of Events and Memory


– Put the pegboard upside down and trace the holes in the board. Draw a circle around a dot to show them where they should put a peg in the board. This will help them draw the connection between the pegboard and its cards.


– Now show them Card 1 and tell them about the boy on the card and how he wants to get to his dog on the other side and that he has to follow the red line to get to the dog. Show them how they must fill the first row with red pegs for the boy to follow to get to the dog. Do the same with the blue, green and yellow lines with the dog and cat, cat and mouse and mouse and hole.

2. Sorting bowls: Develops Numerical Conceptualising


– Give each toddler or mom/toddler each a sorting bowl and play “one for me, one for you”. This teaches them to wait… name each color as you are sorting… “One blue button for mommy, one blue button for Pieter.” etc.


– Now let him do the sorting. IF theres two toddlers, give each a chance. Describe each action… “One for mommy, one for Pieter” “One red button for Pieter, one red button for Hanlé” etc. This teaches them to share.


– Now let each take their own button and repeat “Each take one green button. Now each can take TWO yellow buttons… wow! One, two yellow buttons each…” This teaches them to take only what they are told.

3. Long Jump: Develop Major Muscle, Balance and Mathematical Development


– Place a shoelace on the floor as a starting point and let her stand with both feet behind the shoelace. Show her how to jump with both feet as far as she can. Measure with the Hex Counters (or Popsicle sticks like I did) after every jump and write the results on the black board.

4. Kwik Pick Book

– Use the Pre-school Kwik Pick workbook #1. Explain to them how the boy in block 1 has no head. “Look this boy has no head! Oops… where is his head? He has arms, legs, hands, feet and a body but no head.” Show them the rest of the pictures in the block. “Look, here is his head!”

– Now let them do the second one and ask, “What is missing from this boy? An arm? Which of these pictures are his arm?” As you progress you can just ask, “What is missing in this picture and they should get the idea of finding the missing part.”

– Go on with the pages as long as your child can stay focused. Once my daughter started she didn’t want to stop so we went up to no16 until I had to stop her from getting brain fog 🙂

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* Disclaimer: I am not a spokesperson/ promoter/ reseller of Practica. I share my activities, often adapted for my children with other mothers who also have the Programme or would like to know more about it. I will not be held responsible for any damage and/ or injuries obtained while following my instructions.