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Crafty Kids Competition!

Crafty Kids Competition!
Crafty Kids Competition!


Hey Moms of Crafty Kids, here’s a great competition for 4-13 year olds to show their Craftiness! One awesome Kid from each category will win a R250 voucher from takealot.com. If a US reader wins, they will win a $20 voucher from Amazon.com.

The two categories are:

  • 4-8 Years
  • 9-13 Years

The instructions:

Kids, make a creation of your own with found objects like recycled materials and whatever Crafty stuff you can find at home, like paper plates, toilet rolls, yoghurt containers, tin foil… use your imagination but REMEMBER… Read the rest of this entry

Epsom Salts Art

Epsom Salts Art
Epsom Salts Art


Ive been wanting to do the Art project printed on the side of the Robertsons Epsom Salts box for a while now and finally did it today!  Its very easy and lots of fun.

You will need:


  • Robertsons Epsom Salts
  • Crayons
  • Card Stock (or normal paper but it may get soggy)
  • Wide paintbrush
  • Kettle close by to boil water with

I recently started giving my home-schooled nieces and nephew Crafts classes as part of their education so I decided I’ll try this project on their Crafts workbooks’ covers.

Step 1

Draw a picture with wax crayons

Step 2

Mix equal amounts (I used a tablespoon) Epsom Salts with Boiled water and paint it over the whole canvas.


Leave it to dry. It’s difficult to photograph but when its dry the Epsom Salts will leave a wonderful sparkly crystal residue on the surface. Enjoy!