Recipes: Baby food 1

Recipes: Baby food 1
Recipes: Baby food 1

I have been asked a lot about the food I make for my babies so I have decided to share some of my recipes from time to time.  I would have loved to do Baby Lead Weaning but with the twins very hungry and agitated and me extremely tired I started making them food puree at about 5 months.

Theres much conflicting information on the web about what the appropriate age is to start solids and after much consideration (and screaming babies and me being exhausted) I decided that I will go with the mid-way at 5 months.  I also believe in the theory that babies should be introduced in as much as possible tastes as early as possible and I give them things that one would not normally give a baby, like mild chili beef sticks, celery, olive pate etc. and they love it!  As long as you start out slow and with one food at a time and give them at least two days before introducing another to make sure theres no allergic reaction theres not much you can do wrong.  So heres a few of my favorite recipes:


Carroty Custard:

Custard doesn’t sound healthy but this is actually a very healthy recipe and tastes oh so yummy!  I usually cook and freeze most of the vegetables separate in sealed ice cube trays and just mix it to create different tastes so the carrots would be pre- cooked and blended into a chunky texture for my babies. For this recipe I would just blend it some more into a smooth texture for the custard.

1/3 cup or about 6 ice cubes cooked, pureed carrots

1/2 cup milk (use raw whole milk, breast milk or formula depending on what your baby uses at the given time)

1 egg yolk (add another one if the mixture is not thickening to your desire, it wont thicken more when cooling down)

Beat the egg yolk and milk into the pureed carrot.  Heat over medium heat and stir constantly.  Remove from heat when it has thickened and allow to cool to a safe serving temperature.  The original recipe suggest adding herbs and that thyme goes well with it.  I tried thyme and it is surprisingly good and the twins loves it but without the herbs is still my personal favorite.  Bon appetite 🙂


Lamb, Olive and Basil Pate

Cut the fat off 1 medium Leg of lamb chop and simmer with a pinch dried garlic flakes (I prefer dried garlic or onion flakes in my recipes as it causes less cramps)

When soft, add dried or fresh basil and pitted olives or olive pate and simmer another 5-10 minutes (I prefer organic form

Blend and serve at desired temperature.


Spaghetti and Tomato

Put half a pack of spaghetti on the stove before starting with the tomatoes.

Skin about 4 tomatoes and cook with 1 Table spoon balsamic vinegar and one teaspoon xylitol. Add mixed herbs or just origanum when soft and simmer for another 5 mins.

Blend with cooked spaghetti.


The key of making baby food is to really explore the possibilities and have fun with it.  Enjoy!


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