Recipes: Baby food 2

Recipes: Baby food 2
Recipes: Baby food 2

Back by popular demand… heres another one of my favourites!

Chicken dish

Boil two tomatoes first, when they’re soft you are going to skin them and add to the pot.
Brown a chicken thigh and two drumsticks with bone and skin along with two grated apples, 4 carrots, onion flakes and garlic flakes. The skin provides necessary fats that softens the meats but be careful throughout the cooking time not to loose the skins in the pot as you will be taking the skins and bones out afterward, except if you prefer to keep the skins and or bones for older children. (You can take any parts you wish but i like the drumsticks as they are nice and tender.)
Cover with boiled water and simmer until soft. (Roundabout when the skins start to come loose)
Add skinned tomatoes and dried or fresh basil or any other herbs you prefer.
Boil another few minutes until water is reduced.
Gently scrape the veg off the chicken and take out the bones and skins.
Blend as desired or serve as is.
I often, but not always, mix ice cubes of rice or butternut or peas etc. with this dish to give it different flavours every time I serve it.  Happy cooking Mamas in the making!

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