Review: Exceptional Foods Consortium Cape Town

Review: Exceptional Foods Consortium Cape Town
Review: Exceptional Foods Consortium Cape Town

Theres a new conscious farmer’s supporter in town! Sometimes I long for the olden days where people used to trade between each other with the produce they had and quality used to be a given trait of each and every product. I find it hard to find good and affordable Organic and free range foods where I live so I was very exited when someone, not too far from me, started to distribute.  Carol from Exceptional Foods Consortium is sure to source the best qualityorganic and free range produce. She is still dispatching from home but I suspect she’ll run out of space soon as the orders keep coming in and her foods are truly exceptional. I order Chicken, Sauerkraut and chocolate from her currently and I must say… My oh my is it delicious…. You can actually taste the difference between her chicken and store-bought chicken! The last run for this year is done but have a look out for next year.

Herewith their offerings list up to date December 2014:

Delivery usually find place at set places at set times.

Example: West Coast – Eden on the Bay 10:00 – 10:30

Southern Suburbs – Parking opp Rondebosch Park on Sandown Rd 11:15 – 11:45

Deep South – Organic Zone parking lot 12:15 – 12:45 Northern Suburbs – 35 De Bron Street,

Kenridge 14:00 – 16:00

Gayleen’s Decadence Chocolates. The chocolate is pure cocoa sweetened with honey and contains nothing else. The soft centres are made from honey, cashews, brazil nuts, beetroot juice, mint essential oil, rose geranium essential oil, orange essential oil, pure vanilla extract, coconut oil, desiccated coconut.

Soft Centres:

Orange, Ginger, Mint, Brazil Nut, Coconut, Turkish Rose, Chilli Caramel, Mocha-Coffee. R12

Mini Slabs

Buckwheat and Raisin, Almond

Eating and Baking Chocolate 500g Slab

Raptor Rise Olives, addictively delicious and farmed in Tulbagh.

Chilli and Garlic, Garlic, Plain, Herb.
Tubs 200g – R25
Tubs 400g – R45
Olive oil 750ml – R75

Cure Deli, the pigs are kept in pristine conditions, in real mud, fed a completely organicdiet and finished in acorns. The bacon is nitrite free and there’s no MSG or gluten in the bangers.

Back bacon 200g R40
Pork Bangers +/- 350g R50

We still have our wild, humanely caught venison products. All free from hormones, antibiotics and MSG. The boerie is also gluten and pork free. The kudu patties are just kudu.

Boerewors 500g R50
Chilli boerewors 500g R50
Kudu patties 4 in a pack (150g per pattie) R55

Our fabulous chicken from farmer Dev, hormone, antibiotic and innoculation free. The birds forage outside in the sunshine for up to 2/3 of their food from 3 weeks of age, the rest is made up of a free range feed that does contain GMOs, (we’re trying to change that however)

Whole, Spatchcock and Cut up (8 pieces)
Livers R40/kg
Hearts R35/kg
Feet R26/kg
Carcasses R25/kg

We have some new honey available, a young highschool student here in Durbanville is keeping bees and offering us 500g jars of:

Fynbos R45
Strandveld R45

The Fynbos honey comes from the reserve in the middle of Durbanville racecourse and the apple from a friend’s home orchard.
Honey – Eucalyptus from Darling

250g squeeze bottle R35

Superb Sauerkraut!!!!! Don’t miss this insanely healthy probiotic powerhouse food made by our own Dionette!!!!

1l jar R100

Super local Chilli sauce, which I actually have in stock now:)
Hot or Peri Peri 100ml bottles R 30

Gourmet salt and spice grinders, non-irradiated, msg free.
375ml grinders R 85
Chilli Braai Spice
Balsamic Salt
Worcester Salt
Lemon and Herb
BBQ Grill
Shiraz Braai Infusion
Pepper Corn R100

Like the Facebook page to keep up to date with available products if you’re from Cape Town, you wont regret it!

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