Review: Olive Leaf Extract

Review: Olive Leaf Extract
Review: Olive Leaf Extract

Rhebokskraal Olive Leaf Extract

Rhebokskraal Olive Estate


There’s one thing we never run out of in our house and that is Rhebokskraal Olive Leaf Extract (OLE).  There are different kinds of OLE available on the shelves, but they are not nearly as effective as Rhebokskraal’s Muti.  So what makes it so different?  Rhebokskraal OLEis a whole bottle packed with nature’s medicine extracted from the Olive Tree Leaves itself and is much more potent than the small tinctures, which is just that, with added alcohol.

I knew about the amazing medicine and the Olive Tree Cream that Rhebokskraal makes for years, but it wasn’t until my little boy was born that I really started looking into it. The Olive Tree Cream provided immediate relief for his severe nappy rashes and he developed eczema after a very bad case of cradle cap at around 4 months. I almost forgot about the amazing cream I used when he was a newborn again at that stage but my Mother in law reminded me of it soon enough and what do you know… again it provided relief for an itchy, burning skin rash.

Did you know Olive Leaf Extract is a natural antibiotic? There are actually books about the benefits of OLE, of which I can just touch on some of the top ones, but honestly in our family, OLE is the first go-to for almost any ailment. We have used it for wounds on people and horses (also GREAT for quick healing of burn wounds), we have used it for viral and bacterial infections such as the common cold, stomach bugs etc. We have also used it for high blood pressure and it is mind blowing how well a dose of 20ml once daily can keep high blood pressure at bay without the use of any other medication.

I have also heard great success stories of the healing of cancer, auto- immune diseases, skin related problems, heart and cholesterol problems and it is also anti-microbial and packed with antioxidants. So next time your dr prescribes anti-biotics, how about trying some Rhebokskraal Olive Leaf extract first?  Or better yet, beat the cold at the first signs and skip the doctor’s appointment!  You can contact them for more info on where to find it and you can also order a box for delivery right at your doorstep. Hooray for OLE!

Quote from Rhebokskraal Olive Estate’s website:

Olive Leaf Extract

It is bitter and it fights viruses, bacteria , fungi and parasites. It works miracles on  burns, and wounds. Read the extra information on this product on the web. The research was done by Dr. Morton Walker.

Olive Leaf Plus

This is olive leaf extract in the form of a capsule. There you skip the bitter part.

Olive Tree Cream

A perfume free cream with olive oil, olive leaf extract and a base. My favorite face cream, wonderful for problem, sensitive skin.

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