Jesus, Santa and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer…

Jesus, Santa and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer…
Jesus, Santa and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer…

If you clicked on this blog thinking I am going to tell you why all of this doesn’t go together you are making a mistake… In fact, I wish to explain to you why I celebrate Christmas… AND enjoy it! Like many Christians I also went through a phase where I believed all things Christmas is purely evil and all the bad spirits of Christmas should be banished to hell for eternity.

I was made to believe that if its so difficult for you to throw away your Christmas tree, it means the evil spirits is dragging you down.  I dont believe the evil spirits cared one bit about my christmas tree… Its difficult to burn your tree as you have years and years of good memories with family! I’ve also been told that families always fight around Christmas because the evil spirits cause havoc around this time… honestly I think the only families that fight around Christmas is the ones that only get together around Christmas and just dont want to spend the rest of the year with each other.

Families who live together in love don’t fight around Christmas! This smash and burn thing is not a new phase… in fact, theres a movement going on since forever where Christians all over the world goes though this thing where they believe that, because the Pagans used to celebrate Christmas, had trees and decorations of some sort, and because Saint Nicolas was some evil guy that we should now smash and burn every piece of Christmas to be found.

For those who don’t know about these things… its not only Christmas… its anything with Chicken prints, hearts or any sculpture for that matter because Evil people in Africa called Sangoma’s use chickens to put spells on people, and hearts was some goddess’s symbol and Exodus 20:4 says “You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below.”

I have no idea why paintings is OK and why theres no relevance that this was in the time where lots of weird laws existed like the fact that men shouldn’t shave or that some animals were unclean to eat and others weren’t…. In fact, the place where this goddess got her heart shape from, was form a plant… there was a plant that healed people and she chose the shape of this plant, a heart, as her symbol… so actually she got it from God, the CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH!!! Why do people struggle to believe that God is bigger than all of this? Of course evil exists and spirits exist but why do people think they will only choose these insignificant images and sculptures to channel through to people? Evil spirits will choose anything… Thats why we have Jesus inside of us… Don’t you think God is bigger than a picture of a Chicken?

Some Christians believe we should not celebrate the birth of Jesus at this time, as there’s no evidence that Jesus was born at this time… in fact, theres more evidence to prove it wasn’t at this time, than to prove that it was. For me it makes no difference when Jesus was born, and since we don’t know, Christmas is a good time to celebrate it… the whole world goes out and celebrates it, and those who don’t celebrate Him at that time doesn’t, but those who do, does… so what?

Of course there will be evil lurking at the time of Christmas and Satanists will choose this as their special time to be more active as their soul existence is to go against anything God or Christian, but they will do that with ANY day we choose to celebrate Jesus. And if we cant celebrate Jesus, why can we celebrate anything else in life? I am actually going to make a point of it this year to celebrate more of the things we can celebrate about God… like the passover… we just don’t celebrate it because we are not Jewish, but its a significant event in Christianity… why not celebrate the day God saved all who believed in Him?

I think Christians should stop following a dead religion and believe who and what they really are in Christ.

We serve an ALMIGHTY GOD and no weapon formed against us shall prosper. Stop living in fear of things that has changed meaning Centuries ago and celebrate what it means now. Christmas is a time of giving and sharing and receiving. If you don’t want to enjoy Santa and live a little joy with your kids, or you don’t want to celebrate the birth of Jesus at that time, Celebrate giving and sharing and receiving. Its something worth celebrating… go out and give food to the poor. Forget about the festivities and help people who are sad and lonely, let them feel love. Why not just do that then, just because its at the time of Christmas?

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