The Angels Amongst Us

The Angels Amongst Us
The Angels Amongst Us


I live in a small town with dusty roads where cows and sheep walk- and children run in the streets. Every now and again, there’s also a Sewage truck in the streets, but I hardly ever see them at my house. They come, they suck out all the nasties from our septic tank and viola, our toilets can flush again! Yeah you city- and big town folk probably take that for granted.

Not us.

We don’t have modern sewage pipe systems where you flush your toilet and everything magically disappears into the vortex without you having to think where it goes… no we have tanks buried under our driveways that has to get sucked out when they get full.


When the tank gets full, we start flushing every third time and close our eyes while doing so, praying that everything goes down.

But even though we don’t take magical flushing for granted, we still take “those who work with the nasties” for granted. THEY are the Angels Amongst Us. Today I saw them coming down the street, took the kids and we all ran with excitement to go watch them drain our tank.


We didn’t just watch, wee ooh’d and aah’d and watched every last drop disappear and when they finished, we watched them pack up like heroes and waved goodbye as they left. I wish I captured those proud smiles but I was so caught up in the moment… these Angels Amongst Us were appreciated today…


How often do you appreciate the Angels Amongst YOU? The Guy that takes away your trash, or the one that sweeps the street? What about the lady that cleans the toilet at work or the one that cleans the bedpan at your hospital bed?

Next time you see one of them, say “Hello” and “Thank You Very Much” for they may just be Angels Amongst Us!

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