Big changes coming soon!

Big changes coming soon!


So I’ve been a bit absent the last few weeks… cause I’ve been on holiday and when I’m on holiday I start thinking and when I start thinking….

big changes come…

This blog has been so much fun and the more fun I have, the more the whole orientation has been changing from Natural Parenting to Toddler activities and Crafts. I’ve also been holding back on lots of products I’ve been wanting to review because it didn’t fit in with the “Natural” side and I’ve been wondering if the Mommies directed via the promise of “Natural Parenting” posts were getting tired of my crafty stuff.

I also have a new Printables business called Krafti Printables and as I’ve been working on both, I always feel like its difficult maintaining this blog, keeping up with new Printables AND maintaining a healthy family life.

SO after lots of thinking I realised that it would make much more sense to direct my attention and traffic to one place. Fun with the kids is naturally part of my blog when I orientate it towards Crafts and the Printables can move to my blog and… wait for it…. become ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!

Yes, all of it…

Well almost all of it… the personalised Printables will have to go but all the generic Invites, Party Packs, Wall Murals etc will become free here on my blog. My Printables focus will turn to Toddler Activity Printables and I’ll still do the occasional Party Printables.

How awesome is that? So with all the changes my name is going to have to change to the colab name and conveniently my Twitter name…

KraftiMama (

With that will come a whole new look and with that some more work to be done so please bear with me while this change in in process. If all goes to plan, all the links should be edited to redirect to the new locations but there may be some glitches and please let me know if that happens.

Thanks for your ever growing support and please join my excitement by liking and sharing. As soon as the new page is done you will know… believe me 😉

About KraftiMama

Spending time with my twins is my favorite hobby and that aligns so well with my love for arts and crafts. Learning has become lots of fun in this house and it has naturally come to a homeschooling environment that I would love to share with you along the way.

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