Easy DIY Face Paint

Easy DIY Face Paint


I found this great, easy to make Face Paint recipe on Popsugar.com and decided I had to share! This is fairly easy to make but does take a bit of time as each color must be mixed
separately. You’ll do better than me if you have a bigger little mixing container for each color rather than having to wash the mixing bowl after every color. I used acrylic water base paint and it worked well.


I had my containers left over from a traveling container set so thats what you can look for if you cant find anything similar.
Then I’d also suggest getting firm but soft brushes… one very fine one for the detail and another one for the bigger areas. I used my craft brushes with hair sticking in all directions so this was not my best effort… better luck next time!


Another thing to note is that it comes off quite easily which is great for cleaning but it doesnt look good for very long… which is fine by me because they don’t realise it and I’d rather have it come off easily.

Click here to go have a look and remember to Pin it for later! 

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