Review: Sensi-Rief Herbal Toothpaste

September 18, 2015

I’ve written before about natural toothpastes that won’t make your mouth foam, burn or stick together after you spit it out. Well here’s one that doesn’t do any of those and won’t cost you an arm and a leg! When it comes to toothpaste, I go nuts to find something that resemble the usual chemically enhanced suspects as brushing teeth is one of my favorite cleaning rituals of the day and I just cant manage anything with a weird texture… Something that many natural toothpaste manufacturers just cant get right, and I have tested a lot!
According to Himalaya, Sensi-Relief is based on ADVANCED PHYTO PROTECTION Technology from Spinach and Almond Shell Extract and gives rapid and lasting relief from sensitivity. Miswak, along with other natural astringents are the culprits for reducing bleeding, thereby ensuring gums remain healthy and protected. Sensi-Relief also not only works for sensitive teeth, it leaves your teeth squeaky clean and it honestly tastes great.
I’ve never been one for the Herbal toothpastes but the minty flavor of this one leaves a summer breeze in your mouth so brush away and enjoy the benefits of a cleansing, healing, refreshing and sensitive toothpaste without any fluoride or damaging parabens and of course it has also not been tested on animals.  Great product with a great taste in your mouth!

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