A Love Letter to No One

A Love Letter to No One
A Love Letter to No One

A friend said that Valentines Day should be Single Awareness day! I have been with someone most of my life but can remember a single Valentines or two… it sucks! Everyone flaunts Love in your face all over the place and all you are reminded of is that you are NOT with anyone.

This goes out to my single friends, my heart goes out to you!

(Picture Credit: Chris Du Toit. Have a look on  http://dreamerpieces.tumblr.com to see more of his work and if you downloaded Paper by 53 on your iPad you can also see his work on their community site, Mix.  This site is focused on collaboration and sharing… find him there at  https://mix.fiftythree.com/41460-Chris.


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  1. Ah yes indeed, last year I did a Galentines dinner, for the Gals. My husband and I are not that bothered and, a number of our friends and daughter were newly single. Valentine’s Day is so commercial anyway. Thank you for linking up, have a lovely week xx

  2. Ahhhh how sad! It’s awful that single’s are made to feel bad on Valentine’s Day. I remember being single on VDay before but I don’t think I cared – I went out with single friends. I guess it depends what stage of life you are at & if it bothers you that you are single. I’m married & not a huge VDay fan. Happy Valentine’s Day! Thanks for taking part in the Valentine’s Day Candid Cuddles!! x

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