Outdoor Spring flower hunting color match Activity

Outdoor Spring flower hunting color match Activity
Outdoor Spring flower hunting color match Activity

Here’s a fun activity to do with toddlers to teach them about Spring and Colors. Its not spring over here in South Africa at the moment so I think its a good idea for us to make believe spring by covering the whole yard with pretty flowers, but if its almost spring wherever you are (lucky fish) enjoy this activity to celebrate SPRING!!!

What you’ll need:

Spring flower activity supplies

  • Tagless containers (I used yoghurt tubs)
  • Popsicle sticks
  • The same color paints as the popsicle sticks you have
  • The same colors cardboard
  • Craft glue, scissors and a pen or marker

Painting Yoghurt containers

First you’ll need to paint the containers. I prefer DALA Paints for most of my activities. The colors are bright, mix easy and they spread even and don’t come off the surface it was painted on. Now remember, resist the urge to “fix” your toddler’s work. They will need some help in finishing touches and maybe even just finishing up but don’t make it too perfect, it must still look like their works of art!


This may need some preparation from your side if your toddler is too young to work with scissors. Draw the flowers on the back of the cardboard and cut it out.


Let your toddler help stick the flowers on the popsicle sticks.

Flower hunt Spring activity

Plant the flowers hidden all around the garden and let them go on a flower hunt and plant the flowers in the matching colored container that has been filled with soil.

Happy hunting!

Spring Flower Color Match activity

TIP: Write the names of the colors on the containers for Preschoolers. 

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  1. These turned out gorgeous! What a great idea for a family craft & then they look so lovely in the garden when they are done. Thanks so much for joining us at #BloggerClubUK x

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