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July 28, 2016
Angela Thomas, 52 Things Kids Need to learn from a mom

I got this book “52 things kids need from a mom” by Angela Thomas at my Stork Party three years ago from a friend of mine. Little did I know that this book would some day have such a big impact on me. This book with its funny, sad and inspiring thoughts is such an easy read.

Each of the 52 things are written in quick 3 page chapters so reading it here or there in a spare minute is why it’s so handy and easy to finish even if you don’t ever get time to read.

I have learned so much from this book in the past few months and felt that I wanted to share a few of my favourites of these 52 things Angie (can I call her that?) thinks kids need from a mom. I read one chapter a day or sometimes one a week and let each and every one of these things sink in before I went on to the next.

So these are my favourite things:

1. To Watch Them Go Out of Sight

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There’s just something about being there when someone walks out of the arrivals gate at the airport, or seeing them off when they go. The same goes for seeing your kids off when they go to school or on a playdate. It makes them feel special, loved, like they matter… like you can’t wait to see them again. When they leave, stay. Stay until you can’t see them anymore. Like Angie says: “Your smile and your wave will tell them everything your heart holds.”

2. To Let Her Yes Be Yes and Her No Be No

Children need consistency… they crave consistency and when we constantly change our minds about our yeses or our no’s, how are they ever supposed to know where the boundaries are? How are they supposed to feel safe with us, how are they to know when we are going to stick to our guns and that we are stable, therefore they will be too?

How can we get angry at our children testing our patience, when we never show them where the line is? When you say yes to something you darn well better know you will be able to fulfill your promises, and if not, there better be a good explanation and an even better comeback. But no…. no MUST always be no and nothing else.

3. To Miss a Few Things They do Wrong

We can be so, so hard on ourselves, but oh how sad when we are too hard on our children. We need room for grace to keep a healthy perspective about what’s important, and what not. Ask yourself first where your reaction to their folly comes from; are you a peacemaker or a perfectionist?

“May He keep us all from becoming demanding and hard to please.” Angela says. “And oh, how I pray that our kids will want to come home from college to moms who overlook the little things and love them like crazy.”

4. To Put Down The Phone

Mom on phone
Image credit: Unknown

In one of my previous articles 10 Things I’ve Learned From Parenthood, my no.3 was to sometimes, just sit. We can’t focus on our kids when we are on the phone 24/7. It aggravates your mood when you are busy reading something or writing a comment and your kids ask you to make them a peanut butter sandwich, or go to the loo for the 10th time.

What wouldn’t have been a biggie, becomes an issue when you are on the phone all the time. Get your priorities straight. PUT DOWN THAT PHONE when your kids are looking for your attention.

5. To Teach the Boys How to Love a Wife and the Girls how to Love a Husband

Ok I put two of the 52 in one here, because they go hand in hand to me. This life we live in is so full of absent fathers, self centered mothers and broken marriages that we owe it to our children to teach them differently. Enough said?

6. To Tell Them to Buy Another Token and Keep Swinging

52 things I Learned From Parenthood, boy baseball

This one touched me most by far. She tells the story of how her son went to a batting cage for the first time at a baseball centre and how, after 40 pitches that he all missed, she asked him what he thought. “I LOVE it!” was his answer. Even though she thought that he would be spared embarrassment in front of a very professional crowd if he just quit right there and then, she kept on smiling and bought him his third token.

That third token gave him one hit into the ground and another 19 balls missed.

You know what they did the next day? The went back. You know how many balls he played?

120. Guess how many hits? 120!

Sometimes kids just need their mom to tell them to buy another token and keep swinging!

7. To Teach Them to Genuinely Respect All People, Cultures, Denominations and Creeds

The world is dripping the gunk of hatred between people, cultures and denominations. Everyone thinks they know what the “right” thing is to do but no one has a true example to follow. We were all made after the image of God. ALL!

I think humanity is so stuck into doctrines that it forgets the true meaning of life… LOVE!

8. To Become Physically and Emotionally Healthy

A healthy mom makes a healthy family, especially emotionally. A family can fall apart, but if the mom is emotionally stable, they might just get through it.

Angie says “Our kids deserve the best version of us we can muster. And truly, God deserves that too.”

Buy this book now on Kindle!

52 things I Learned From Parenthood, angela thomasAngela Thomas is a Bible teacher, national speaker, and best-selling author of books and Bible studies that include

As a mother of four, her determination to know God on an intimate level, and her dedication to studying the Bible, have taught her many truths – some discovered through tears and some in times of joy. Angela has the uncanny ability to be transparent, make readers laugh, and whisper to them about their most personal fears and heartfelt dreams.

If you would like more information about Angela Thomas, please visit her website at www.angelathomas.com.

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