Here’s how to deal with picky little eaters…

Here’s how to deal with picky little eaters…
Here’s how to deal with picky little eaters…

KraftiMama likes to do crafts of course… that’s why I started this blog in the first place but my kids have to eat too… a lot actually! Not that they eat that much, but I prepare 3 main meals a day and then there’s healthy snacks and drinks in between so it basically feels like I am their servant, running around all day to fulfill their every need.


Sometimes Mama needs a meal off and honestly I have never allowed myself to test the shortcuts but to be honest, I was relieved to find what the mailman brought me this week! I just can’t be perfect all the time… I mostly am of course 😉 but not ALL the time.

PediaSure Review, Picky eaters, KraftiMama

PediaSure sent me this awesome hamper to try out and this is where I know things will get easier. You see, my twins could not be more different from each other. My son keeps on asking for more vegetables and loves all things healthy but my daughter lives on starch and little pieces of meat that she picks from the plate.

There’s daily a 5mm slice of carrot or a 1cm block of butternut that she’ll force down her throat if I bribe her with snacks but unless I get creative with hiding the vegetables in form of puree’s of cakes (even that doesn’t always work) that’s about what she gets in that resembles living food.

SO, as I said I got this awesome hamper today and I couldn’t be more excited!!!! Little Lila that doesn’t like vegetables also liked the little purple bottle that we got and that kickstarted the excitement for her to taste her new milkshake.

PediaSure Review, Picky eaters, KraftiMama

PediaSure has loads of crucially important vitamins and minerals that our kids just don’t get in daily anymore due to so many factors but I was mostly surprised at the fact that it contains Inositol!

From my infertility days I know that I had to use Inositol to combat PCOS so immediately I knew it’s something that my daughter can benefit from especially because I’ve been struggling with small little pimples all over her cheeks that I have no clue where it comes from and she has buckets of mood swings.

Inositol over a period of time can:

  • Promote sleep
  • Relieve Anxiety
  • Treat OCD
  • Promote Hair growth
  • Fight depression symptoms
  • Used in Cancer treatments
  • Liver detox when combined with choline
  • Helps improve blood circulation


PediaSure Review, KraftiMama

According to their website, here’s the product overview of Pediasure:

PediaSure® Complete is a nutritional supplement, scientifically designed to promote growth and development in children, giving your child all the nutrients they need for Growing in Confidence!

  • Contains 16 vitamins and minerals2
  • Provides essential Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids
  • Favourable oil blend:2 easily absorbed and well-tolerated even in those with impaired fat digestion
  • Iron: supports rapid growth and promotes catch-up growth1
  • Growth support:
    • contains all the vital macronutrients in correct proportions2
    • contains protein2
    • provides adequate carbohydrates and calories for energy and healthy weight gain1,2
  • Delicious Flavours – liked by 97% of children.5

PediaSure Complete® is also:

  • Halal and Kosher5
  • Lactose* and gluten free

Available in 400g and 850g tins

Available Flavours: Vanilla* and Chocolate

Preparation: 5 level scoops to 190 ml cold water. Mix well.

* Not suitable for children with galactosaemia.

The verdict:

So does Pediasure get the stamp of approval from my picky little Lila?

Yes it does!

PediaSure Review, Picky eaters, KraftiMama

That face says it all. Lila likes! I made it with milk to give it that extra boost of creaminess that I know she loves and it paid off… I am looking forward to adding this to her diet and will keep an eye on those pimples and update you on the progress if it makes a difference yea!



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