If Anything, You’ll Have My Love

If Anything, You’ll Have My Love
If Anything, You’ll Have My Love

I’m sitting at a busy play park watching my little girl run on her toes like a fairy, sliding down the slide like a princess and run after the other kids like she wants them to be her friend. As I sit here I pray to God that things will be different for her than it was for me.

I pray to God that she will be happy, never lacking, always knowing that she is special.

If she does, maybe she won’t see rejection in every action of every child. 

Maybe she’ll know that she belongs and not look for things that she had already found. Maybe she’ll see the value in friends that want to be friends with her rather than friends that she wants to be friends with, but only breaks her heart. 

And even if bad things happen, at least I will be there. I will always love her more and more and make darn sure that she knows it. 

I think then maybe everything might just be OK.

My dear little girl, the world is not failing you, but when it feels like it is, if anything, you’ll have my love. 

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