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March 2, 2017
Sugru, Fixing Toys, KraftiMama

“You can fix it Mommy, because you’re Fixit.” Ive been named after one of my son’s favourite Transformers characters because I mostly manage to fix his broken toys. I have many different kinds of glues for different kinds of fixes close at hand as some of my DIY Mommy-must-haves. Sometimes however, I have to disappoint him with the news that a particular break can in fact, not even be fixed by his Fixit Mommy. That’s until I got this new awesome tester in the mail. 

Sugru, Fixing Toys, KraftiMama

Sugru is a mouldable glue that resembles prestik in texture, but when exposed to air it develops and becomes rubber after a few hours. Apparently it will stick to almost anything!

Some of the noteworthy properties of Sugru:

  • Cold resistant
  • Heat resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Flexible
  • Grippy
  • Soft Touch
  • Strong and Durable

I put it to the test and here is my finds…

This doll had a gaping wound to the side which couldn’t be fixed with conventional glue because the joining sides were simply too thin to stay… well, stuck. With the Sugru I could simply cover the “wound” inside out with this mouldable adhesive and allow it to dry. We are happy to say she was up and about the next day!

Sugru, Fixing Toys, KraftiMama

Tinkerbell also recently lost her wings due to adult-stepping-on. OK it was me, don’t tell! I am once again happy to say Tink was able to fly the next day.

Sugru, Fixing Toys, KraftiMama

This very expensive cup has been my spoon holder after a slight fall (also me), but it looked like the chip was finally taking its toll and the lifespan of the cup was soon to be over. This second photo was taken 2 months after I fixed it and I am happy to say that the cup is still undisturbed and fulfilling its destiny as my spoon- cup.

Sugru, Fixing Toys, KraftiMama

My favourite fix by far, and also Sugru’s claim to fame is the cellphone cable fixer upper! This is how I tried to fix my cables with insulation tape… It doesn’t work by the way, it slips off, gets sticky and dirty and you have to redo it every now and again.

Sugru, Fixing Toys, KraftiMama

Enters Sugru! I took that nasty tape off, cleaned it with an alcohol pad…

Sugru, Fixing Toys, KraftiMama

and effortlessly covered the exposed area with Sugru.

Sugru, Fixing Toys, KraftiMama

This is how awesome it is when dry… it bends yay! I am once again happy to say after 2 months my cable also still works well.

Sugru, Fixing Toys, KraftiMama

This frame has also fallen multiple times as I stuck it to the wall with Prestik… a lot of prestik. Its very light and it doesn’t have a hook. Also I didn’t want to drill a hole in our very hard walls just to hang something like this. When I had leftover Sugru I looked for stuff to fix, so I just stuck a piece in between the Prestik to wait and see. Again, two months in it still hangs so it’s safe to say it works!

Sugru, Fixing Toys, KraftiMama

One fail however…

I also grabbed this cup in my leftover search. I might have done it the wrong way by not covering the outside of the broken line around the ear with Sugru, but after the first wash and dry with a hand cloth it just broke off again.

Sugru, Fixing Toys, KraftiMama

Also, I tested the lifespan of a little leftover piece of blob by just squeezing it back into the foil packet and taping it shut. I left it on the table and checked it in a few days… well as I suspected it developed and was now a little rubber blob, so remember to store it, like it says on the instructions, below 21 degrees Celsius and finish opened packs.

Sugru, Fixing Toys, KraftiMama

In general I really love this adhesive. The only thing that’s not that nice is how it sticks to your hands after use. They suggest using paper towel to clean it but I couldn’t really manage to get it clean that way. I eventually washed it with soapy water and the final stickiness ended up on the towel… I guess I am a bit messy after all!

The press release says it will soon be available in South African stores so keep an eye out, you’ll certainly want to add this to your grocery list and never want to run out!

Check out this awesome video for more tips




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