Storks Movie Review

Storks Movie Review
Storks Movie Review

Ok I know Storks has been out for a while but we only recently got to see it and may I say I was pleasantly surprised to find yet another fun movie for almost the whole family! I mean seriously, how many of those can they make?

Apparently a lot!

Though I have to add that I am always weary of what to show my 4 year old twins. They have always been sensitive viewers and it’s really is a pity that you hardly find any stories these days that don’t start with a bad guy and ends up with the good guys having to jump through fiery hoops and climb icy deadly mountains before the end is near. 

That said, I do enjoy adventures and this one does not disappoint.

The Story:

A baby-making factory decides to discontinue their baby-making section and only deliver packages after a stork gets too attached to deliver the baby. I know it sounds heavy but the story is well executed. We meet this little girl grown up and on her own adventure to deliver a baby the way the storks used to do.

Family Friendly?

Kids love the story and the funny characters and adults laugh at the catchy humour… especially mothers, this one is for us!

Scary Characters:

The scary characters are OK-ish. Theres a stork called Jasper and a wolf pack that may or may not be scary or funny at stages… it’s a love/hate relationship but I think it’s OK for 4 and up. My kids at 3 would have been scared at them but as I said they have always been very sensitive viewers.

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We really enjoyed this one as a family and I can highly recommend it.

My Rating 4/5


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