Rise, Rise Oh Sleeper

April 20, 2017
Rise Oh Sleeper, Apartheid, Rainbow Nation, South Africa

On the 10th of April my Country South Africa, marched against injustice by the President of our Country. While walking the twins through the streets in my Neighbourhood there was a sense of unity going around that day. All the colours of skins smiled and greeted each other with pride as we stood up together against our corrupt government.

It wasn’t always like that day. In fact South Africa as a country has come a long way in a short while and we still have a long way to right all the wrongs in the best possible way.

We as a country endured many hardships in between our love for our beautiful mountains, big five animals and sunny summers.


As a white person in South Africa, despite having many dear friends of color and despite always standing up against racism, I hardly ever try to speak up publicly against our corrupt government because somehow I feel that whatever we say, it will be seen as racist because we are speaking up against a black dominating government.

I think a big chunk of the whites in South Africa feel that way, and that’s why we’ve been asleep for so long. We just let it slide.

I wish it never was necessary to even notice wether the government was mainly black or white or pink or purple but alas, our forefathers messed up and they messed up bad therefore we find ourselves in this predicament.

We dare not speak up.

Sadly for the masses in our country, that thanks to our government’s corruption now has to get by on R10 a day, I am not sure wether they will be able to survive on R5 a day if things go on as it is now.

Well, the time has come for us to come out of our slumber. Many black people including black dominated parties are starting to speak up. Our country is on the verge of downfall if someone doesn’t speak up and this counts for us all. Black, white, pink, purple.

Thankfully, on the 10th of April, the Country MARCHED! There was no big shift in the government. There was no big change to be seen, but the change that happened is surely in the spiritual realm.

The tribe has spoken!

We as a country are rising up from our sleep. We are coming together in unity. It is publicly made known that the country won’t stand for dictatorship.

This weekend of the 21’st, a million people will be standing together in prayer with Angus Buchan in Bloemfontein. Though I really don’t see it necessary to all be there (God won’t move stronger when we are all praying there than when we are all praying at home), I really encourage every person to stand in unity and pray that weekend.

Fast if you need something to keep you focused or stay indoors without screen time the whole weekend, but pray, pray pray!

A song I have loved so dearly for over a decade comes to mind, the words go:

There’s a distant voice, an awakening cry
For a land in darkest night
And it calls you now to shed the past
And move into the light
Let your heart be clean as you search for Him
And seek for what is right
For where darkness reigned now the dawn will break
As you move into the light
Rise, rise O sleeper
Bring your heartfelt thanks to the Lord of all
In the name of Jesus Christ
Make righteousness and truth your goal
As children of the light

It is also written in the Bible in Ephesians 5:14, For this reason it says, “Awake, sleeper, And arise from the dead, And Christ will shine on you.”

See the Youtube Video Here

Sure I know these words were so beautifully written and sung to get Christians out of a spiritual slumber, but the words are also beautifully perfect for our situation.

Rise up South Africa. Rise oh SLEEPERS!


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