Lego Math for a rainy day…

Lego Math for a rainy day…
Lego Math for a rainy day…

Every now and then you have a day where school really isn’t what you need that day. That’s the nice thing about homeschooling. You can really tap into the days your kids will be like sponges so you can be ahead and use the off days for reading, playing or… well math I guess!

Math really isn’t my thing and I tend to lack in that area with my kids… well they’re 4 at the time of writing this so it’s ok for now and I’ll have lots of time to work on it, but there are fun ways to cross that bridge.

When we bought this Lego train, we wanted to buy it because it was an awesome train with cute animals and fruit and figurines, but the educational purpose for when they got to the age they are now sold the deal for us.

So yesterday my kiddo’s were flu-ish so we stayed indoors with a cosy fire and decided we’ll build the old train again. (Please note these photos don’t contain everything out of the train set and it also contains some out of other sets.)

While we were at it and I had the math cards with me I decided to take the opportunity and actually do the math like the great set was intended for. What a pleasant surprise!

The great thig about Lego is that you don’t need an educational set like this, but this sure makes it fun and easy.

Here are some of the examples of the cards included. There aren’t many but these are just ideas to get you started… the sky is the limit.

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