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July 27, 2017
Faithful to nature Review natural products

This is the list of alternative products I use to make sure I don’t bring any of these dangerous chemicals into my house.

In general I make sure I order the worth of R350 or more, which is about every month or two, because delivery is free when you order R350 or more. I have a standing list on my phone where I write down when any bottle gets to 1/4 left and when there’s enough products to make up R350, I order.

I must admit sometimes I have an emergency when something runs out before I have enough products then I buy the needed alternative product from my local grocery store but honestly I find those products icky these days! I am so used to fresh smelling products with soft textures that the sharp smelling products with thick gooey textures has become less likable for me!

I do have some of them in my house from time to time though and I honestly don’t think I will die from them… you do as much as you can at the time you are in.

My favourite alternative products.

As you will see most of these products are available from faithful-to-nature as they are just so easy to buy from… you get everything in one place from the comfort of your own home. Wherever products are from them, you can click on any product to link to their website. Even though I am affiliated to them (I get a percentage from your purchase on their website if you click on any of my links), all my words are true and from the heart. I have been using faithful-to-nature for 4 years and never been disappointed even once! Wait… there was that one time I was disappointed that they sent me the wrong air freshener till I realised they actually sent me an extra air freshener as a sample (they always send super awesome samples). And thats simply the way they are!

1. Air Freshener

Firstly air freshener because hey… you need fresh-smelling air without knowingly spraying your whole atmosphere with toxic chemicals! There are two kinds of Air freshener that I use. The one is Nu-Eco, a fresh Citrus breeze and the other one is Earthsap Vanilla Bean which is really, really nice! The Nu-Eco is more cost effective and ideal for every day use where the Vanilla Bean is ideal to give your guest toilet a fancy fragrance.


2. Shampoo

For some people this might be cheaper than the usual Salon products! And it is every bit as good and more. The texture is great and you can also buy a travel size or 1L bulk. My hair has changed drastically since I started with alternative shampoo… its almost like I’m doing no-poo (google it if it sounds strange… its when you use no products on your hair) as I am getting all the same results. Initially it made my hair feel greasy but the more I used it the better my dry/damaged hair felt up to a point where I have normal hair now. See that ever happening with a conventional product!

I also like to use Earthsap’s Pomegranate and Soy Shampoo. Once again affordable and good texture.

3. Conditioner

I searched long and far for a Shampoo and Conditioner that has the amazing fragrance and texture that Africa Organics has. I still use the Mongongo Conditioner for treated hair from time to time just because I love the smell. It’s really out of this world. Careful if you dont have dry hair though… rather opt for the Marula Conditioner then as it’s a softer conditioner than the Mongongo. This would be stunning for African hair too!

Alternatively I also use Earthsap Pomegranate and Soy Conditioner.

4. Toothpaste

I’ve tried many different types of toothpaste and at times I thought I figured it out until I found Spry. Once you go Spry theres no going back believe me… its worth every cent and I am not willing to compromise on dental care so this is what I go for and nothing else!

The kids prefer Pure beginnings. When they were younger than 3 we used the strawberry one and now that they are 4 we’ve moved over to the Vanilla Mint which has a subtle introduction to mint toothpaste. This one’s texture is perfect for brushing without having to wet the paste before they brush which is great for kids because when you wet the paste before they brush it creates a whole lot of bubbles that ends up on the floor or worse on their clothes! Pure Beginnings Kids all the way!

5. Bubble Bath

The kids love bubble bath but my son gets eczema from anything else than Pure Beginnings

6. Deodorant

Earthsap’s Grapefruit and Geranium’s deodorant has a fresh citrusy smell and keeps the stinkiness away.

7. Shave Creme

Pure Beginnings once again! It seems pricey, I know like twice as much as you pay for the usual shaving foams but I promise you’ll get more than twice as much out of it. This is not a foam so it’s more gel-like and you don’t have to use a lot… it slathers and spreads easily.

8. Hand Wash

Nu-Echo has a lovely hand soap that smells like lemon. Its hygienic and squeaky clean!

9. Body Wash

The Earthsap Wild Rose and Vanilla is nice and flowery but not too strong so as to give you hay fever. Really subtle yet revitalizing.

10. Face Cream, base and SPF

This is my face cream and base in one as it has a subtle tint and I like having my pores open to breathe, yet cover the darkest blemishes. Best of all it has a SPF30 so it protects you from the harshest rays of the sun.

Alternatively I also use Rhebokskraal Products’ Olive Tree Cream. (Not Purchasable from Faithful-to-Nature yet… hopefully one day soon?)  Filled with the immune-boosting Olive Leaf extract and made from an Olive oil and Shea Butter base, this cream has a lovely texture and holds a secret to younger-looking skin… Ive seen the proof!

11. Mascara

Though I only use base and mascara, Inthusiasm has a whole range of cosmetic products. I got a disfigured brush once and they immediately sent me a whole new mascara which I received the next day so their service has also proven to be excellent.

12. Multi-Surface Cleaner

Instead of that white thick ammonia-smelling product everyone uses we use Greenman. Works great and smells better

13. Toilet and Bathroom Cleaner

Just as good as the Multi-Surface Cleaner is Greenman’s Toilet & Bathroom Cleaner


14. Fruit and Vegetable Wash

When I have to buy non-organic fruit or veg (which is a lot) I clean it with Greenman’s Fruit and Vegetable Wash to get rid of all the pesticides and parasites. It lasts forever! Well almost 🙂

15. Washing Powder and Dishwashing Blocks

I wrote this post before on the natural products I make for the house. I still use this Washing Powder and Dishwashing Powder- I don’t make the blocks anymore as the powder works just as good!

diy washing powder, dishwasher pods

16. Softener

I’ve mainly been using Vinegar for softener but I’ve also been trying out Ecover Fabric Softener that I got from my local Wellness Warehouse shop. I also want to try out Nu-Eco… not sure if it’s really worth the price to try something else than Vinegar though… will get back to you on this one!

17. Dishwashing liquid

I have been using Dischem’s Eco home Dishwashing liquid and have been happy with it.

Nu-Echo also has one that I’d once again like to try next as I love their other products so much I’m sure it won’t disappoint. 


Cost effectiveness of natural products…

So that’s it folks… my preferred home products. Is it more expensive? Yes in most cases but if you look at the whole picture, the doctor’s bills, the hospital bills especially your life expectancy if you get cancer… not worth buying the toxic cheaper products! In most cases we tend to use too much product anyway and I’ve been very diligent with my housekeeper to use little at a time as it’s hardly ever necessary to use ample product in everyday cleaning. My products therefore does not cost me any more than it used to cost me per month. I just use sparingly.

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  • Ashley

    July 27, 2017 - 10:29 am

    Snap on the deodorant. I also really like Triple Orange’s cleaning stuff. Have you tried it?

  • Diana Studer

    July 28, 2017 - 12:48 am

    Fabric softener is bad news for the fish once your grey water reaches the river and the sea.
    It is not needed for cotton (sheets, towels, most of my clothes)

    • KraftiMama

      July 28, 2017 - 7:05 am

      Thank you Diana, I did not know that. I’ve been very happy with my Vinegar arrangement as I buy it in bulk so I think that should do it. With the bicarb mix that I make it does need a little softening though as its strong and hard.

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