Beautiful Coloring Books on National Coloring Book Day

August 2, 2017
Faithful to nature Review adult coloring books

Adult Coloring has taken the world by storm and of course as all good things there has to be a day for it… and there is! Today is National Coloring Book Day so I thought I’d show you some beautiful books that I got to review from    (Click here to like them on Facebook)

There are many benefits to adult coloring. Mostly we just do it because we love it, but it has proven to be very effective in combating anxiety and has even been used in hospitals as stress relief for patients. Coloring takes one back to your childhood and can be an effective way to introspection.

As someone with ADD, I have found that it helps me focus and structurise and it sparks my creativity when I feel down and out. Because one uses both the left and right part of the brain when you color in, it can actually train the brain to improve some brain functions.

Here are some of the books I reviewed.

All these books are really great and strong. The pages won’t leak ink to the other side as I have experienced with other coloring books before as they are thick and all the books have beautiful pictures.

Faithful to nature Review adult coloring books

The African Outlines book has the most beautiful illustrations of some of the most stunning African animals and fauna and flora. Each illustration has a description of the scene on the left page so even if there are ink spillage, it won’t go onto your page. Not as thick as the other two but very much worth the unique focus on African Animals.

Faithful to nature Review adult coloring books

The Tropical Wonderland book is just that… a TROPICAL WONDERLAND! This serene rainforest with its beautiful birds, plants, insects and animals is at the top of my list of favourites. Some of the pages allow for your own doodles in or around the illustration which may interest creatives a little more than just coloring will. Of the three this one is the most economic if you consider the amount and size of the pages… good buy!
Faithful to nature Review adult coloring books

This little Mindfulness coloring book fits your handbag perfectly. It’s full of patterns and fun little pictures… perfect for moms or travelers.

For the full review, watch the video below. All these books are absolutely beautiful, enjoy!



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