Review: Müna Balance Bikes

Review: Müna Balance Bikes
Review: Müna Balance Bikes

Ever since we bought these beautiful bikes I’ve been wanting to review them because they have brought us so, so much joy…

The kids have loved them from day one and the only mistake we made was buying them too late as now that the kids are 4,5 years old and nearing the new exciting journey of moving over to pedals, the bikes are practically still new after 2 years of use!

They are of immaculate quality and as strong as a horse.

Muna Balance Bikes Review, KraftiMama

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I searched high and wide looking for the right balance bikes when the kids were 3 years old. Before I came across Müna bikes there were other bikes I wished I could get for the kids, but they were just too expensive and others weren’t ideal, as they had no brakes or their saddles wouldn’t adjust. Bummer.

There’s no use in buying a balance bike for a growing kid if it doesn’t have any of those.


Enters Müna balance bikes!! These bikes aren’t over priced but yet great quality so it’s the perfect balance… mind the pun!

Muna Balance Bikes Review, KraftiMama

The Firetruck (basket bought separately elsewhere) 

If you’re not yet familiar with balance bikes, let me fill you in on the details because it’s not just a trend. Balance bikes are designed to teach kids balancing skills from a very young age with all the fun of riding a “real bike”. Once kids have mastered the balancing skills they will be ready when moving over to a pedal bike at the age of 4 or 5 when the basic skill of pedaling comes naturally. They should be fine to move right over to a bike without having to use training wheels.

Muna Balance Bikes Review, KraftiMama

The Pinkie (basket bought separately elsewhere) 

Just look how small they were when they started and now, much taller, still enjoying them. When they were so little they started out just walking with the bikes it was so cute, and now they are riding down hills with them! Its been such a joy to walk around our streets with the kids riding their balance bikes beside me. A new chapter awaits and it’s time to look out for new bikes… watch this space!!

Go Check it out on their great new full range of balance and pedal bikes for up to 10 year-olds on their Webpage or their Facebook Page @Munabikes

This is not a sponsored post. This review is done by my own choice because I love the product.


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