Life is Short, so Let’s Travel the World!

May 29, 2018

Life is short.

Theres so much things I want to save money for but now after my mom died I’ve been wanting to see the world because I realised the reality of just how short life can be…

That’s why I’m writing this now as I am a passanger sitting in the car on our way home from a weekend away. That is why I can’t wait till we get home to write this. Because life is just so short. I am not even sure of the fact that we will make it home today!

I trust we will arrive home safely just as usual, but you get what I’m saying right? Life is just so short.

A 106 year old Japanese man called Saburo Shochi became the worlds oldest traveler in 2012. Sure 106 is not exactly a short life but I bet he would also feel on some level that he wishes he could do more. Not that He didn’t do much… At a stage he did 4 consecutive around the world trips! This inspires me so, so much… the things he must have seen and learned from other cultures. Sure it was all for education and we can’t let go of all responsibilities to just travel all the time just for fun unless we earn money by traveling like with a travel blog, but how amazing if you can find a way to make it part your life nonetheless…

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I was at my dad’s home, sorting out some of my recently deceased mom’s things. Her beautiful, perfect things that always fit just right into every little corner of the house that she planned it for. How carefully arranged, each thing with a purpose.

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Sorting out her things is something that we will often do over time as the years go by I guess so I often do it when I am at my dad’s house and when I do,  I always think about her and what she did with or wanted to do with the things that she had. Some things she planned on doing something specific with but she never got to it because as it turns out, reality is that life is pretty darn short.

When I saw a book she had on Turkey (the country) I thought about how it was her dream for many, many years to go on a trip abroad. She went to Europe when she was very young, but for many years she didn’t really go anywhere until last year when she went on a church pilgrimage to Turkey.

Her life changed in a way after she came back from Turkey.

It was like the world made her a little wiser… as if the world and the expanse of the majestic waters that seperate continents from continents put a sense of awe for the world in her heart.

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The world is a playground.

The sad part is many, many people never get to see the world for various different reasons.

Sure I have seen a few parts of the world as I have been fortunate to travel with my husband for business a few times over the first 6 years of our marriage before the children came but I believe there is so much more to see and that it would be a waste to live life to the end, never to see what mysteries and wonders the other side of the world has to offer.

I may live to be a hundred years old like that Japanese man and I may do many things yet to come but I can’t think of anything more exciting at this stage than seeing the world…. to be educated by the world and have the wonderful opportunity to share that world- education with my children would be priceless!

Let’s hope my life does not end too soon, like my Mother and that I will yet one day have the opportunity to discover the wonderful world we live in!


  • Liesl

    June 22, 2018 - 3:06 pm

    Ek is so jammer oor jou verlies van jou ma Elsabe. Ek dink aan jou en jou famile in die moeilike tyd.

  • crafford2013

    June 28, 2018 - 7:31 pm

    Ons was onlangs vir ‘n maand met die kinders Europa toe. ‘n Maand is nogal kort maar ons kon darem ons voete in 6 lande neersit. Selfs ons 3 jarige vertel steeds in geur en kleur van die donderstorm by die Eiffel toring! Die beste deel daarvan is dat ons dit saam gedoen het en nou moet ons ons “scrap” boek maak van al die herinneringe en fotos!

    • KraftiMama

      June 28, 2018 - 7:34 pm

      Wat ‘n wonderlike ervaring en so goed vir die kleintjies om op so ‘n jong ouderdom reeds ‘n idee te kry van die wêreld daar buite… dat daar meer is as net ons. Veral Europa wat so ryk is aan geskiedenis en beeldskone natuur. Dit moes ‘n ervaring gewees het! Ek kan nie wag om my twee te neem nie!

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