My 5 Worst Social Media Pet Peeves

My 5 Worst Social Media Pet Peeves
My 5 Worst Social Media Pet Peeves

We’ve certainly come a long way since the start of Facebook and Mixit and thank goodness people don’t really text that way anymore because seriously, just why? Thank goodness we have come this far or our Facebook post windows would still start with “Elsabé is….” causing our posts to start with half sentences.

I seriously don’t know when we will stop getting half memory posts of the early 2000’s starting with half sentences like “in the mood for baking cake…” or “thinking that the tennis is getting boring now with Djokovic hitting all that aces.” Well theres hope… Facebook has come a long way.

That said, theres still a few things getting up my nose… these are my pet peeves, or should I call them my No-No’s, my Don’t Ever’s or my Are-You-Serious’s?

1. Stop tagging me in overseas competitions!

Rule of thumb is when they they are over the water, they are not going to send you that car, bed or Fridge you tagged me in your post to win Bru. If you do that once, I will kindly let you know that by merely clicking on the “About” section on this page I could instantly (or almost instantly by just clicking on the website link) see that they reside in Austraia, Singapore, India or whatever Country it may be. Do it twice and I will gather the wrath of my computer-rage before I unfriend or unfollow you… I am starting to get cold sweats and hitting the computer buttons hard by just typing this!!!

2. Are we still doing cryptic posts?

Someone called it Vaguebooking… or something attention seeking teenagers do. I feel you… in the beginning people did do that along with the daily food pic or the daily gym pic, but these days a yearly food pic or a yearly gym pic would suffice… cryptic posts though…

If you are lucky enough to have unfriended all these people and can’t remember cryptic posts anymore, let me fill you in with a few:

“Just wait and see…”

“Some people…”

“And there we go again…”

I can provide an exciting alternative… next time you want to do a cryptic post, rather keep it for a real conversation with an actual person like the guy behind the check out counter. At least you’ll have fun watching his face when you take your groceries and say.”Things are going to get really interesting now…”

3. Why are you posting pictures of dead or half-dead/ dying animals or kids

That counts for all living things. Seriously… why??? I am one of the first to stand up for protecting animals or standing up for a good cause, but there are ways to do it that doesn’t involve seriously mental pictures or video’s. It deeply concerns me that the human race find it necessary to share content like this for a cause. Words mean something people! On the wonderful world of the net it actually means a whole big deal. It’s sort of what makes it so amazing… you can tell people all about it and invite them to your page full of dead or dying things where everyone can have a cyber-gathering but don’t force these things to pop up on sensitive viewers’ screens. Seriously people, forensic detectives and pathologists and ER workers etc go to psychologists to work through the things they’ve seen and now all of a sudden society thinks it’s OK for these things to reside where kids go on these days? PS I will unfollow you which will just override the aim of your cause, unless you just want to share the sensation in which case you need help!

4. Mom Shaming

A mom asks a question about dummies in a group and 6 out of 20 finds it necessary to make her feel like a bad person for wanting to use a dummy. Think people, think! People are not the same, our children are not the same and the way we do things are going to differ because of that. Deal with it!

5. Fake news?

If It’s too good to be true, just google “did (insert minister) really say that?” Usually you will find the answer in the first google search bar and it would usually be “no”. I have to give it to South-Africans, our politicians really do say funny things and the US’s Trump also seems to be climbing his way up the ladder, making it more and more difficult these days to distinguish fact from fiction but when in doubt, check people check!


What are your social media Pet Peeve’s? Tell me all about it!


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