Coloring Calendar 2019 Printable!!

Coloring Calendar 2019 Printable!!
Coloring Calendar 2019 Printable!!

I am so excited to share my Etsy Shop that I have re-opened with you. To celebrate, I made a printable Coloring Calendar yay! I had a brain wave while trying to figure out how to keep printing cost low for my followers when I thought of making it black and white coloring pages. Something to colour each month

… I need that!!

If you have been a loyal follower and downloader of free content, please consider donating by buying one, it’s only $5,75! South African residents, please read below for a better option.

Ps I bound one with a small ringbinder and it works great! Hope you enjoy and please SHARE THE LOVE!!

Click on the link below to view it in my Shop!

vvv To buy from Etsy Shop click here vvv

KraftiMama Printables, Coloring Calendar 2019

But wait! South African residents can save on the Paypal cost!

Order directly from me via the form below and you can get it for only R50!! Please note that although I like to respond to mails the instant I get them, it is possible that it might take up to 24 hours for me to send the file once the money reflects in my account. FNB or Standard Bank transactions will go through instantly but if you bank with any other bank, it might take an additional 2 days to clear before I can send the file, so if you are in a rush, rather buy from Etsy above.

To order with the form below (SA residents only), enter your details and copy and paste this sentence below with any additional questions in the message field.

“I would like to order 1 digital download of the Coloring Calendar 2019.”

vvv South Africans fill in the form below vvv

KraftiMama Printables, Coloring Calendar 2019

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