God’s not Mad at You

God’s not Mad at You
God’s not Mad at You

Sometimes I feel like finding reasons to be mad at God. As if God made bad things happen to me or punished me for my wrong doing. The well intended words of others who think God must be punishing us for something we did when something bad happens sticks in your head like a broken record when you forget…

Yes sometimes we forget all about Jesus…

We forget that God sent Jesus to die on the cross to wipe away all our sins… the ones past and the ones yet to come. We are not chained to the law anymore and who ever wants to be slaves of the law are not followers of Christ, they belong to a religion that exist only to people who do not believe in God but not in Jesus.

You can’t believe Jesus died for our sins but at the same time some sins will just never be forgiven, or that there’s a condition… you have to ask for forgiveness before you are forgiven. Better ask for forgiveness for all your sins every night then to make sure you cover them all ’cause you will never keep record of every sin you commit daily. We ask for forgiveness because we want to, because we are truly regretful when we do wrong.

That’s the great thing about Jesus… we ARE forgiven. We live a life for Him without sin BECAUSE we are forgiven and free, not so we can become free one day! THIS now, where we are in our lives now, is the Kingdom, not one day.


And don’t think of reasons to be mad at God. He’s not thinking of reasons to be mad at you… 

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  1. Lovely quote & post. It’s great to say your prayers every night, we do that together before the kids’ bedtime. Thanks so much for sharing with candid cuddles x

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