Play Doh Review

September 21, 2017
Play Doh Review, KraftiMama

My friends from Play Doh sent me this awesome play doh set and I have to say I had just as much fun playing with it as the kids did, and they played with it for hours!!! It has a cake mould press that easily transforms play doh into a beautiful little cake and a fun cake stand with a cute little cake cloche to display your cake on.

An icing press makes it look fun and interesting and you can either press from the top or take it out and use as a piping gun. The whole stand of the set is also decorated with moulds that you can use as decorations for your cake.

Have a look at it on Takealot (not an affiliate link) or find it at your nearest toy store. Have fun!


Disclosure: This post does not contain affiliate links. I have received gifts from Play-Doh but chose to review them only because I enjoy the product. I will never EVER! review a product that I do not love.

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