Fun Glove Puppet Guest Post by Annabelle Short

Fun Glove Puppet Guest Post by Annabelle Short
Fun Glove Puppet Guest Post by Annabelle Short

I got this nice post from writer, Mom and craft lover called Annabelle Short and thought I’d share it with you. Looks like fun and the kids will love it!

“Need to entertain your little ones and involve some crafting? Kids love roleplaying, and a glove puppet is a fun way to get them thinking about characters while enjoying crafts. As a bonus, it’s a great way to use up scraps of fabric.

My kids love playing with these puppets, trying out different voices and creating stories. But they’re so easy to make, and to adapt, that they also enjoy helping me design and create them. With squeals of delight, their imaginations run wild as they choose their materials and colours, or create the shape of the puppets’ hair and eyes! I’ve seen these glove puppets treated as pets, friends, and even performers as they become the stars of puppet shows!

To make your glove puppet you will need:

  • Fur, fleece or felt (for the body)
  • Fleece or felt (for the mouth)
  • Felt (for the eyes and nose)
  • Wool, fleece or felt and a straight strip of fabric (for the hair)
  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue, sewing machine or needle and thread
  • Pattern template (adjusted to fit)


  1. Firstly, cut out 2 bodies. If you use fur fabric, make sure the pile runs towards the short, straight edge.


  1. Create the hair and attach to a strip of fabric that can be attached to the top of the puppet.

Glove Puppet craft, KraftiMama, Annabelle Short

Glove Puppet craft, KraftiMama, Annabelle Short

  1. Once the hair is attached, join the 2 long straight edges together with the right sides of the fabric facing each other. Stop just before the curved edges.


  1. Cut out a mouth. Open the curved edges of the puppet and attach the mouth across the length of both curved edges.

Glove Puppet craft, KraftiMama, Annabelle Short

  1. Turn the puppet the right way around.


  1. At this point, you can add a nose if you want your puppet to have one by cutting out a circle of felt using a 2p coin for measurement. Gather the edges together and attach to your puppet.

Glove Puppet craft, KraftiMama, Annabelle Short

  1. Cut out four circles, 2 using a 2p coin, and 2 using a 1p coin. These will be the puppet’s eyes. You can either hand sew them onto your puppet or stick them on with fabric glue.

Your puppet is ready to be played with!

Customising your puppet: There are plenty of ways to mix up the features of your puppet. The main body can be made using a range of fabrics. If you choose a fabric such as felt that doesn’t fray, you won’t need to worry about hiding seams, which will make it easier if you’re planning to glue your seams instead of sewing them. The hair can be made in any style using any “hair-like” fabric.

Most importantly, have fun making, and playing with your glove puppet.”

Author bio: I’m Annabelle Short, a seamstress who loves to make crafts with my kids. You can visit me at and to learn more about me and my handmade creations.


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