Awesome SA Kids Magazine Supernova!

Awesome SA Kids Magazine Supernova!
Awesome SA Kids Magazine Supernova!

It’s not often that I get sent something that I am really excited about, but this one I like so much I am going to subscribe! I saw the sponsored posts on Facebook with these interesting articles, but I expected the usual 95% of pages to be filled with ads and fillers, so what a great surprise to find this magazine fully packed with fun articles and educational material for kids!!!

Yay, bringing back the good old days where you could actually read a magazine and find useful information!

Every magazine has a lengthy feature on one of our amazing animals (or sometimes about the earth or space etc) and this one was all about wild dogs which my kiddo’s loved to learn about. This is of course not close to the scope of it… you’d have to buy the magazine to really get what I’m talking about but I’ll show you a few of the highlights for me.

Axolotl. What a funny word for a funny looking, yet cute little thing… the kids loved learning about them and how they can actually regenerate their brains and help improve modern medicine, like in the area of wound healing.

Lila’s favourite part was to find the hidden pictures in this desert scene. It was an activity for the whole family… we all sat there trying to see who can find the objects first.

The nice thing about this magazine is that even though it’s technically for kids 8-15 it speaks to the whole family of about 4 years and up, theres even some Lord of the Rings fan fiction and jokes for the parents… wait, is it supposed to be for the parents? OK then I guess it’s also for the kids. I will stick with that.

Me being a crafty Mama, of course the crafts grabbed my attention… there was 3 whole pages with different craft ideas that I loved… not only do they educate, they also inspire crafts 🙂 Always a win for me!

After more inspection on their website I saw that they have two whole other magazines called High Five and Highlights for kids ages 2-6 and 6-12 respectively. Seeing the quality and quantity of Supernova I think it’s worth taking a look at.

For more info, see their website at

Subscription is a mere R300 a year which comes to R25 a month. That’s not bad at all and would make a great birthday or Christmas present. To order, click HERE!


Though this is a Review based on a product that I received for free, I choose to review only the products that I love.

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