My Declutter Schedule

My Declutter Schedule
My Declutter Schedule

I wrote this post about Decluttering your brain way back when and also this one about Dealing with Toy Overload, but honestly I am still figuring out how to declutter my life! Being the little crafter that I am, I keep almost everything because I constantly think I should be able to do something with it.

Well I have a whole new schedule planned so I am getting to the end of this madness…

I don’t know why I take so long to get rid of the clutter because I know that it sometimes takes just an hour or less to do a small area and then I feel so much better, but when things start to pile up it’s almost like I want to ignore it but the funny thing is that I constantly see it and get bothered by it daily!

My biggest problem is closet space. I don’t have a lot of it so theres nowhere to go with daily items and I have been thinking the only solution is more cupboards, or storage cases but those can be costly and then also just take up more space standing around in the house, so my new realization (from watching Marie Kondo on Netflix of course) was that I don’t need so much stuff!!!

We don’t use half of the things taking up space in our house and I need to take a stand and minimalise… there aren’t even any more space for junk in my junk drawers for crying out loud!

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So I thought the best way to get rid of clutter was to just take a piece of paper and start writing down from top to bottom what bothers me most. This would be the areas that I pass by daily and feel like the place is a mess. Everything has to be small doable portions, so if a room has a lot of clutter, I wrote down boxes or if it doesn’t have that much, the room would be one session. I will do these as I have time and tick them off when I am done. Some people might want to have specific days and times scheduled to their items but for me that just won’t work.

So my schedule looks something like this:

  • Junk Boxes in Living Room
  • Junk Drawers
  • Dining Room clutter
  • Sitting Room clutter
  • Main bedroom clutter
  • Crafts room boxes:
  • – 1 Box
  • – 1 Box
  • – 1 Box
  • – 1 Box
  • – 1 Box
  • – 1 Box
  • – Crafts Cupboard
  • Veranda Clutter
  • Wendy house clutter

Will this work for you? Share your tips on decluttering!

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