GetFit Series #3

GetFit Series #3
GetFit Series #3

Yes I am still going strong whoop whoop!!! and yes I am still mostly sugar free… apart from one or two cheat days I have been sugar free for 27 days now! I almost can’t believe it myself, I even said no to cake that my 12 year old niece baked and felt terrible for it but I am happy to say I stayed strong and I am no longer binging on sugar.

I am still binging though… I drink more coffee than ever so I know milk is going to have to go soon… or at least I should cut down to one cup of coffee in the morning because seriously, who can go without? Then there’s the booze… NO NO I am not an alcoholic but I am enjoying a unit or two in the evening when there is nothing to nibble on… oh dear! I am also eating lots and lots of fruit now… to make up for the loss of sugar I’m sure so I’ll have to start trying not to want to nibble all the time. Oh and nuts… I eat way too much nuts now.

I did loose 2kg though. I’m either running or cycling (still short distances) every morning at 5am and then I do Pilates at 8am so considering the muscle mass increase I think 2kg is not too shabby. I am also not that focused on weight loss… I am just trying to get fit for now and the rest will sure follow!

For now I am happy with my progress. I will contemplate about what problem area to focus on next and let you know as soon as I’m there.

Thanks for following my journey, you’re awesome!

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