DIY Unicorn Paper Fan *Guest Post*

DIY Unicorn Paper Fan *Guest Post*
DIY Unicorn Paper Fan *Guest Post*

This guest post was done by 11 year old Zarmeen! I get a lot of requests for guest posts of which I turn down most, but I had a look at Zarmeens blog and I must say I loved it. Go have a look for some lovely, child friendly crafts!

I am Zarmeen Zia. I am 11 years old. I love making arts, crafts and yummy treats. My Facebook page is

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I always enjoy sharing my craft tutorials. Today, I am sharing kids fun craft project DIY unicorn paper fan. You will find nothing expensive or difficult to try. 

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It is an easy kids fun craft project. Kids can make it easily. Let’s learn how to make it. 

Supplies Needed:

KraftiMama, DIY, Crafts, Kids
  • 2 A4 size white papers 
  • White glittered sheet 
  • White card stock 
  • Pink, purple, blue, black and peach colored papers 
  • Markers 
  • Glue gun 
  • Correction pen 
  • Thread 
  • Stapler 
  • Beads 
  • Scissor 
  • Pencil 


KraftiMama, DIY, Crafts, Kids

First of all, we will make paper fan. 

Take A4 size white paper. Start creating accordion folds along any one side of the craft. Continue to create accordion folds until reaching the other end of the paper. 

Take the folded paper and tie string at the center of paper. Fold the accordion in half. 

Pull the top edges of the folded side up and attach them together with stapler from back. Do the same thing with your second white paper. You should have 2 semicircle fans altogether. 

Now make unicorn decorations. 

KraftiMama, DIY, Crafts, Kids

Draw ears on white card stock. Cut it out and color half portion with pink marker. Now glue down the ears at the back of paper fan. 

Draw horn on white glittered sheet. Cut it out. Now glue down the horn at the centre between the ears. 

Now draw mouth on peach colored paper. Cut it out and draw teeth shape with black marker. 

Draw two small circles for eyes on black colored paper. Cut it out. Color with correction pen. 

Now glue down mouth and eyes on paper fan. 

Draw flower on pink, purple and blue colored papers. Cut them out. Glue down on paper fan below the ears. Glue down beads on flowers. 

KraftiMama, DIY, Crafts, Kids

Now beautiful Unicorn paper fan is ready. 

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