Great DIY gift: Wine beanies or I’ll call them Wineys…

Great DIY gift: Wine beanies or I’ll call them Wineys…
Great DIY gift: Wine beanies or I’ll call them Wineys…

A while back I had to make DIY Chirstmas gifts for Mother&Child Magazine. I had so much fun creating these, so I thought I’d add them to my gift ideas for this Christmas.

I just love DIY Christmas crafts! The idea of thoughtfully making something for someone with love, warms my heart. As gifts, the challenge for me was adding some gifts that people actually want and not only use on Christmas day so something not necessarily Christmassy that they will want to use during the whole year. 

Enters my first idea:

1. Wineys

I was sitting with a good glass of red wine, contemplating plans for Christmas day this year, when the midges started darting like kamikaze pilots straight into my wine, when it dawned on me… ‘tis the season for swarms of midges, taunting wine glasses all over South Africa and what wine drinker will not benefit from a gift that protects our most precious liquid gold? The best part is that you can make each one unique so people will know which glass they have!

It’s a great idea for the Christmas table as well so if you want to… make it Christmassy. Enjoy! 

KraftiMama DIY Christmas Gifts

What you’ll need:

  • Scrap pieces of material
  • Thin round elastic cord
  • Darning needle
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Yoghurt container lid (1 liter) to measure


KraftiMama DIY Christmas Gifts

Trace your Yoghurt lid on the back of the material with the pencil. 

Draw another circle around that one, 1-2cm from the second circle to mark your frill. If your material ravels and needs to be stitched over at the hem, give it another few millimeters and cut around the last circle. 

I liked the rugged look of the raveling but if you are going to stitch over the hem, do this now before you start with the elastic.

Measure the circumference of your elastic line to see the length of the piece you need to cut off.

KraftiMama DIY Christmas Gifts

Make a double knot on the one end of the elastic do a basic running stitch on the elastic line. Make it a long stitch as the longer the stitch, the bigger the frill.

Pull it tighter so it can be used on smaller wine glasses too. Make another double knot. 

You’re done! 

(Tip: Make a homemade box to put them in!)

Pin it for later!

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