GetFit Series #4

January 2, 2020
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Wow… it’s been exactly a year to the day since I started this series and even though I haven’t blogged about it recently I am surprised that I am still going strong. I am super proud and excited to say that I have lost 6,5kg this year since I started getting my life back.

It’s been a roller coaster of note emotionally, I’m not going to lie to you but the physical work has been easier than I thought it would be. A few things have changed since my last entry and a few things have not changed at all, so let me break it down for you…

1. I still don’t start anything new on a Monday or on the first of a month. This has worked so well for me… it may sound silly to think this way but like in seriously, I have found that there is just so much less pressure when you start on a Sunday or Tuesday… Mondays and first of the months are filled with empty promises!

2. I have changed my 5:30am cycling to 5am running. The kids started waking up earlier and earlier and I realised that I get more work done in a shorter time when I run. I also got a running partner that is very dedicated so we keep each other accountable which is really crucial for me to keep on working hard.

3. I have managed to get my sugar cravings down a whole lot of notches after staying away from sugar for a month… that was such a good idea, maybe I’ll do it again soon. It’s like everything is sweet now and I can’t eat the amount of chocolate I used to be able to eat at once anymore. In fact, I don’t even eat that much fruit anymore, just the healthy daily 1-2 fruits a day.

4. I have started with regular smaller meals. I started eating a cup of anything every 3 hours and it has been amazing for my energy and metabolism. I haven’t eaten like this for the past few months so I’ll be bringing this back in my diet from today, except I’m going to change the “anything” to “mostly healthy” food, I believe it will just take the weight loss up a notch… which brings me to the next point…

5. I am more focused on weight loss now but in a healthy way. I am not obsessed with weight loss and I know now that I can loose weight slowly and in a healthy way but I am excited and motivated to take it to the next level to loose some more weight. I believe it will be another burst of weight loss followed with a stabilizing period as that was how it has been last year and it worked great.

6. I drink waaaay less coffee. I got to a point of drinking coffee 1-3 hourly throughout the day and I am shocked to see how much water resistance I had my whole adult life due to coffee intake!!! My ankles used to be constantly swollen and I thought it was just in my DNA as my grandmother had the same ankles. What a pleasant surprise to find, when I stopped drinking coffee altogether, how skinny my ankles could be…. huge eye opener!!!

So that’s a wrap on my “plans” for commencing my plans to get fit. I must say, 2 Jan last year my hope was to start living healthy and hopefully loose weight slowly but surely as I want to do it in a sustainable way and I am so, so happy with the progress. I feel ready for the next surge of energy and motivation to take my fitness up a notch by taking a natural balanced approach.

Who is with me??!!

In case you missed the first post…

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