GetFit Series #5

GetFit Series #5
GetFit Series #5

I am pleased to say that I am still getting fitter and have lost 10kg by now, slowly but surely in spite of lockdown. I am fortunate to be “stuck” on the family farm with lots of open space to run… I don’t take this for granted at all in spite of my despondency about the extended lockdown for South Africa and I know how blessed I am when I consider the small spaces the largest part of our country has to endure. I guess I just wish I could get some new clothes as mine are starting to hang like sacks.. but hey… first world problems I guess!

I knew when I started this series that I would share all the ups and downs… almost baring my soul in this because so often, only the good and fun sides of parenting are portrayed on social media. I think its irresponsible of influencers to do so, because parents need to see how hard it is for others sometimes… there’s nothing wrong with you… this is hard!!!

I have to admit that part of my new success in losing weight faster has been because of high stress and anxiety that started even before this pandemic. I know its not at a healthy stage and I will admit it. In the past I used to be a stress eater… it seems I have changed to a stress non-eater. I find it difficult to eat and my stomach is really acting up due to the stress.

The good part is faster (yet still healthy) weight loss but the bad part is I know my emotional state and my body is not healthy so I need to work on that a bit. Thankfully I am still running… not 5am anymore… gosh I woke up 4:30am in the past few months… so I sleep a little later and run in the heat of the morning but its all good, I am still doing well. I have also acquired a jumping rope and some weights before lockdown, so I started working on my excess skin that I can see forming from the rapid weight loss. I’ll be doing some Tabata exercises that include jumping rope, burpees, jumping jacks, push ups and sit ups.

I must say I am very impressed to see how people are doing marathons in their back yards or even some distances in their living room… keep it up people, we will get through this together!

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