Printable Paper Dolls DIY

Printable Paper Dolls DIY
Printable Paper Dolls DIY

I remember as a little girl I loved to play with paper dolls. I used to make my own clothes that I coloured in and pasted on cardboard. I thought I’d make some printable ones that you and your kids can make together. Have fun!

You will need:

  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard (preferably 160 gsm)
  • Fibre Tip Pens (khokis) or colouring pencils


Print the pdfs below on paper or directly on to white cardboard.

Colour the pictures with the khokis crayons or colouring pencils and roughly cut around the dolls and clothes with a scissor. You could also print wallpaper images of dots, strips or whatever you can imagine to use at the back of the clothes before cutting them out if you wanted to skip colouring as well. Wallpapers can be found at

Paste the cutouts on cardboard if you didn’t print on cardboard already (the dolls might need two pages of cardboard at the back to make them stronger but the clothes should be fine with one… you don’t want them too strong or the tabs won’t fold well) and neatly cut out all the dolls and clothes, taking care not to cut off the clothes tabs… you’ll need them to fold over the dolls.

Have fun!

Paper Dolls

Paper Dolls KraftiMama

Doll Clothes 1

KraftiMama Paper Dolls

Doll Clothes 2

Paper Dolls KraftiMama

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Doll Clothes KraftiMama

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