How to make Paper Hand Puppets

How to make Paper Hand Puppets
How to make Paper Hand Puppets

So we’ve been traveling a lot lately due to my husband’s work and we are in the fortunate position to travel with him most of the time. Though it can be challenging with kids, I’ve been doing lots of crafts with them because it’s so easy and takes up lots of time so great and perfect for killing time in hotel rooms with toddlers.

I always have a small crafts box that goes with me. When we have lots of space, its a big one with a variety of craft supplies but when we don’t have space, my small box always contain colored paper, glue, scissors and different colours of markers. By the end of a week I also have two toilet paper rolls to play with… yeah don’t laugh… I have toddlers, we use a lot of toilet paper and the rolls matter.

Really, they do!!!

Now before you run to the trash to salvage any toilet paper rolls from the recycling bin, that’s for another day. Ok if you REALLY HAVE to you can make THIS or THIS now, but if you don’t have ADD like me, focus on the puppets…


So we went to see Finding Dory with the family and my oh my did I cry! My kids loved it so much and for some reason my son really took to the octopus (or really septopus) Hank. When we drove home he asked me pretty please for a Hank doll so naturally we had to make one.

We spend SO much money on toys for our kids these days when really kids enjoy the simplest of toys… even more so special when they made it themselves. I had to make these as my kids are too small but older kids can definitely do this on their own with little help.


  • First you have to measure the length of your fingers (or theirs) and cut accordingly. I did mine so we can all play with them. If you are using paper instead of card stock like I did, you’ll want to double up the paper on this part.
  • Then you glue a strip at the side to make a cylinder, almost like a toilet paper roll.
  • Then you glue a strip at the top to close it up.

Paper crafts Hand Puppets


  • Now you can draw your character on colored paper with pencil.
  • Cut out the eyes with white paper and paste into place – this is a very important part or they’ll look creepy.
  • Cut out the blue (or pink for Dory) of the eye, the yellow snorkelly part of the octopus and the yellow parts of Dory’s fins and paste.
  • Now go over the pencil lines with a black pen or marker and color in the black pupils.
  • Lastly, squish a dash of glue at the back to paste it to the finger mitten


Paper crafts Hand Puppets

Paper crafts Hand Puppets

And chop chop your finger puppets are done!

Paper crafts Hand Puppets



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