GetFit Series #2

GetFit Series #2
GetFit Series #2

I have to admit, that first morning after I wrote this post I woke up thinking’ “What have I done? Why did I do that?” I had a feeling of impending doom… like failure was sure to follow, but now, 6 days later I am still hanging on so I guess I’m really doing this!

So there was a few things that really dragged me down and I knew those things would have to be addressed first.

What did I change…

Ok so one or two things has changed since I made this decision to get my life back… I have come to a point in my life where extremes just don’t work for me. Whatever I do, needs to be sustainable for me, so for me to all of a sudden take away everything food wise and train 24/7 would just not work as I am a homeschooling mom that really needs to prioritize my time.

  1. I have given up on sugar…. mainly refined sugars found in snacks of course, I am still having fruit and not yet too bothered with the sugars in for instance sauces even though I do keep those to a minimum. I just new that my addiction to snacking on sugars like chocolate would have to stop as I have gotten myself almost into pre-diabetes or insulin resistance. I need my true energy back so sugar will have to go
  2. I have started exercising… I cycle with friends at 5:30 in the morning (short distances for now) so that I can be back before the kids are awake… its insane how guilty I feel when I am even just an hour away from them but I have also realised how important it is for me to take that time. Apart from the cycling I am going to Pilates classes at 8am every morning… this time the kids would just have suck it up and I tell them this is Mommy’s hour that she needs to get her energy back and they can choose… I can stay but then dragon mommy will come out or they can allow me to go and exercise and then friendly mommy will be back in an hour. It’s the honest truth… this hour a day is good for me and them!

With these small changes for now (lots of other changes yet to come when I am ready for them) I can finally say after a week that I feel stronger and less nibbly. In the first week I felt tired, and angry and depressed and I had a headache from sugar withdrawal. It was awful so just not having to repeat that is worth staying away from sugar for now.

Thanks for following… see my previous post as well if you have not yet done so!

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