DIY Christmas #1: Flower Bulb

DIY Christmas #1: Flower Bulb
DIY Christmas #1: Flower Bulb


Ive been busy with creating DIY Christmas ornaments and will be sharing them in the following month. Here is my first attempt at a globe made from recycled materials. It may cost you if you don’t have the tools but if you do, its very cheap. I made my own version, but saw the original post HERE.

You will need:

  • Polystyrene balls (SA citizens can buy them from PNA or Crazy Store)
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun or craft glue
  • Leftover Lace or ribbon or whatever rope you have
  • Cardboard from recycled packaging
  • A star, butterfly, circle or flower punch.
  • Pins


First you make the hole for the lace with scissors.


Glue the lace together and pinch it so that it makes a hard enough point to wedge into the hole. This may work better with a glue gun as the glue gets hard quickly.


Wedge the glue gun into the hole and quickly insert the hard lace tip into the hole.


Punch your shapes out of the recycled Cardboard. This cardboard actually comes from the packaging the punch came in. Alternatively if you don’t have a punch, you can fold a paper and cut the symmetric half out to create your shapes. Like so:



Hold two flowers (if you used flowers) together and make sure you have two different colors, put the lighter color on top and let the petals overlap at the back. Put the pin through the centre and put a little blob of glue in between the two flowers and one at the bottom. Insert the flower into the polystyrene ball. (If you use a glue gun this has to happen really fast and remember not to put glue directly on the polystyrene ball if you are using a glue gun.)

Lastly, when your flower or other shape is placed, fold the edges up to give it a 3D effect. Cover the whole ball by overlapping the petas. Different shapes can be used on one ball but for a stylish look, using one shape per ball is best.

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