DIY Christmas #4: Button Bulbs

DIY Christmas #4: Button Bulbs
DIY Christmas #4: Button Bulbs


Oh how I love these bulbs… Buttons, buttons and more buttons! This one is more for older kids if you want to do it neatly with a glue gun as the buttons are too heavy for glues that don’t dry as quick but younger kids can probably do something similar with craft glue and something other than buttons.

You will need:

  • Polystyrene balls (purchased at CNA, PNA and Crazy Store in South Africa)
  • Glue Gun
  • Lots of buttons (Also purchased at Craft stores. I bought mine at CNA)
  • Scissors
  • Rope, ribbon or lace

DIY Christmas, Button Bulbs

Step 1:

Now before you get all excited about all the buttons and start glueing like me, take a scissor and make a hole for the rope. I added the photos from a previous post cause with this one I accidentally got ahead of myself.

DIY Christmas, Button Bulbs

Step 2:

Squirt a little glue inside and quickly insert the rope.

DIY Christmas, Button Bulbs

Make sure there’s enough glue to hold, squirt a little on top if neccessary.

DIY Christmas, Button Bulbs

Step 3:

Now you can glue your heart out… its best to glue the button instead of the polystyrene ball as the glue can melt the ball and its better for exact placing of the buttons. 

DIY Christmas, Button BulbsDIY Christmas, Button Bulbs

When done, it will look something like this… the best of all is that each ball will look different!

DIY Christmas, Button Bulbs
DIY Christmas, Button Bulbs

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