No Trick or Treat Please!

No Trick or Treat Please!
No Trick or Treat Please!

We are really not into Halloween. Its partly because we are South African and we just didn’t grow up celebrating it, but partly because we really just don’t like scary stuff and don’t see the fun in having a day specifically dedicated to scaring people, wearing scary costumes and giving kids candy for no specific reason.

The kids don’t like it, we don’t like it, it’s just not for us.

Sorry America, South-Africa is not fully on board with this silliness! Well sort of… in the past few years it’s become more common, so last year we received a note at our front door from a clever mommy, warning the neighbourhood that their kids will be knocking at the door for trick or treats on Halloween, and that if we didn’t wish to participate, could we please kindly put a note on the door so kids will know where not to go.

I think it’s a great idea… I didn’t get to doing it last year and sure enough the bell was ringing every few minutes and I ended up raiding my cupboards. This year I will kindly put out my note!

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